English-taught Bachelor's Programmes

at Leuphana University

If you are looking for information about English-taught bachelor's programmes at Leuphana University, watch out for the term "Leuphana College". Leuphana College is an institution within the university that coordinates all bachelor's programmes. As unique as this designation is in Germany, so is the study concept itself. Find out more about the individually tailored bachelor's programmes in English here.

Individually tailored Bachelor's programmes in English at Leuphana College

The study content and structure are based on the principle of liberal education, which provides for free and independent study to enable students to understand and solve problems in the everyday world through a holistic theoretical understanding. In practice, this means that you organise your studies individually by combining a major subject with a minor subject and the so-called Complementary Studies. The entry point to your studies is the Leuphana Semester, in which first-semester students from all disciplines work together on interdisciplinary and contemporary topics.

Study model: English-taught bachelor's programmes at Leuphana ©Leuphana
The English-taught bachelor's programmes at Leuphana College consist of a major, minor, the Leuphana Semester and the Complementary Studies.

English-taught Minors

You can choose from the following minors to create your individual bachelor's programme in English. For more information on a minor, please click on the respective tile.

Podcast: How to Study in Germany

In our podcast "How to Study in Germany", international students talk about their experiences at Leuphana University, their English-taught bachelor's programmes, student life in Lüneburg and much more. In addition, you will receive information from experts on specific topics such as housing, finances, language, etc. in further episodes. Feel free to listen in!


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