Career prospects for international students

With a degree from Leuphana University, many doors are open to you in terms of career prospects for international students. The possibilities vary according to the chosen subject area and individual interests. In addition, the job market is constantly changing, so that new needs and thus occupational fields are constantly emerging. That's why it makes sense to start thinking about your future career path while you're still studying. Therefore, we have compiled reports on the experiences of our students and alumni on this page, as well as further offers to discuss career prospects for international students.

Jobs and careers after graduation ©Jannis Muser
Jobs and careers after graduation - a wide range of opportunities.

Student jobs and professional development

Student jobs are a good way to gain practical experience during your studies and to look into different areas of interest. These jobs are often advertised "working student", with a few weekly or monthly hours, so that your studies are not neglected. You can find an overview of current offers at Leuphana as well as from companies in the region in the job exchange of the Career Service. However, please note that knowledge of the German language is very helpful when looking for a student job or employment after graduation in Germany.

If you would like to acquire or deepen interdisciplinary skills or build up a professional network during your studies, you can choose from 100 events. The Career Service also provides further information about student jobs and career prospects for international students after graduation online and is happy to advise enrolled students personally on these topics.