Bachelor degree programmes

Course Offerings

You will start your career at Leuphana University of Lüneburg by enrolling in the Bachelor programme: You choose one major (main subject) and combine it with one minor (subsidiary subject). With more than 90 possible combinations, you can tailor your studies to your individual interests, talents, and goals. Leuphana College also offers three undergraduate teacher training courses for prospective teachers.

Please note that the combination possibilities of major and minor are limited. More detailed information on the individual combination options can be found on the pages of the respective major and minor.

Undergraduate courses


Business Administration (GER)

Business Administration (GER)

Business Information Systems (GER)

Business Psychology (GER)

Cultural Studies (GER)

Digital Business (GER)

Digital Media (ENG)

Digital Media / Information Technology & Culture (GER)

Economics (GER) Economics (GER / ENG)
Engineering (GER)

Educational Sciences (GER)

Environmental Sciences (GER)

Engineering (Fundamentals) (GER)

Global Environmental and Sustainability Studies (ENG)

Engineering (Specialisation) (GER)

International Business Administration & Entrepreneurship (ENG)

Law (Corporate and Business Law)  (GER)

Law (Corporate and Business Law) (GER)

Philosophy (GER / ENG)

Political Science (GER)

Political Science (GER / ENG)

Psychology (Principles) (GER)

Popular Music Studies (ENG)

Studium Individuale (ENG)

Psychology and Society (ENG)


Social Media and Information Systems (GER)


Spatial Sciences (GER / ENG)


Sustainability Science (GER / ENG)

Language of instruction

ENG English-language subject (no German required)
GER German-language subject (German required)
GER / ENG German-language subject can also be taken in English

Teacher Training Courses


Teaching and Learning (GER)

Social Education (GER)

Business Education (GER)

Language of instruction

GER German-language course (German required)

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