Leuphana Conference Week from February 28th to March 1st 2024

How can we renew democracy in times of intensified crises? In the face of authoritarian threats, the 17th Leuphana Conference Week asks how emancipatory achievements can be defended and translated for our times. How can climate policy free itself from cultural struggles and open up to intergenerational cooperation? How can we succeed in building humane development paths - from migration policy to international and security policy conflicts? How can the potential of artificial intelligence be used for the idea of democracy?

How do we shape a resilient democracy that has our future in mind?


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As one of over 1,200 students from the first semester, you started your studies in October 2023 with a project-oriented Opening Week on campus. During the conference week, you will present your insights from the "Wissenschaft transformiert" module to the conference - and the whole city. Together with actors from politics and society, economics and research, you will ask about the democratic power to shape the future in times of global change.

At the conference from February 28th to March 1st 2024, you are invited to the big stage, workshop formats and exhibitions to take a look at tomorrow. Prominent guests include Luxembourg's long-serving Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn, democracy activist Marina Weisband, political economist Maja Göpel, democracy researcher Wolfgang Merkel and Belarusian soul band KOOB.

What responsibility do you have for the world of tomorrow?



Conference direction

  • Sven Prien-Ribcke, M.A.

Press enquiries

  • Henning Zühlsdorff