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Leuphana Bachelor

On this page you will find testimonials on the experiences of our students in the Leuphana Bachelor with Major in Economics.

David's experiences

David has been studying VWL and Sustainability Humanities since the winter semester 2013/14 (from 2015 Sustainability Sciences) At Leuphana, he likes the good community feeling on campus and the complementary studies.

  • Why the Leuphana College?
  • My studies
  • Admission process
  • Opening Week
  • The Leuphana Semester
  • Complementary studies
  • Internships and study abroad
  • Lüneburg as a place to study
  • My future
  • To whom would you recommend studying at Leuphana University?

Why the Leuphana College?

I wanted to study politics and economics and because that was possible here and Lüneburg is not too far from C-Town, I came here.

Leuphana also has certain special features that I like: The complementary studies, the Leuphana Semester, the fact that we are a campus university and not spread out across the city. I couldn't have imagined a better choice. I often hear from friends who study in other cities and whose university is spread all over the city that they only know people from their faculty because the faculties are physically separated from each other. Here, you run into everyone you've ever met. It's much easier to stay in touch here and there's definitely a good sense of community here.

My studies

I'm studying economics as a major and sustainability humanities as a minor because I didn't get into politics. I also think that the idea of sustainability is often neglected in economics.

I always try to work on projects, for example in my sustainability humanities minor we do a lot of project work. In economics, I'm currently working on the impact of the ECB's low interest rate policy on the distribution of income in Germany. I'm privately interested in that, and I'll probably hand it in as a term paper in a seminar.

Admission process

I took the admission test. I think it was a really good test. You couldn't prepare for it, it was more like an intelligence test and so people with a lower grade point average were also given a chance. I think I was accepted thanks to the test.

Opening Week

I was very impressed with the launch week, there were a lot of celebrities there. We had a pretty tight schedule, so it was quite stressful. I didn't get much out of it in terms of content, but it was fun and I met two of my best friends here in the launch week group.

The Leuphana Semester

I remember a philosophy seminar I took in the Leuphana semester. It was about money, power and knowledge and we looked at different philosophers. We talked about basic philosophical things, some of which were very abstract, but it was definitely very interesting.  
In general, I find the Leuphana Semester useful because you learn together with everyone. There was such a wide range of options in all the seminars and you could get a taste of many different areas.

Complementary studies

I really like it. I had a project seminar last year where we did a musician networking event here in Lüneburg. I haven't learned as much in any of my seminars so far in my entire studies as I did in this complementary study, because we were able to develop freely and were guided and supported to organise independently. The event also went great.

Internships and study abroad

I am planning to go to Nicaragua for 6 weeks in February to set up a cooperation with an aid organisation.

Lüneburg as a place to study

At first I found it boring here, but now I also appreciate the characteristics of a small town here.

My future

I don't want to do my Master's right away. I would like to go abroad first, do an internship or work for a few years to see what I really want.

To whom would you recommend studying at Leuphana University?

All those who want a wide-ranging course of study and are also open to other subject areas, like a small-town atmosphere, and are definitely not tunnel-visioned.

Steffen's experiences

Steffen started studying economics and political science in the winter semester of 2009/2010. Even at school, he didn't have a favourite subject, but was interested in many different things. He can continue to pursue this inclination through the interdisciplinary study model at Leuphana.

  • Studying economics
  • My studies at the Leuohana College
  • Admission process
  • The Leuphana Semester
  • Complementary studies
  • Engagement during my studies
  • My future

Studying economics

I was undecided whether I should study business administration, politics, law or perhaps sociology - with the combination of economics and political science, I found the right mix for me at Leuphana College, which combines economics with social backgrounds.

My studies at the Leuohana College

At the college, I don't just study one subject, but take more with me through the combination of major, minor and complementary studies. This interdisciplinary study model is more in line with my inclinations - I didn't have a favourite subject at school either, but rather a variety of interests. So it made sense for me to continue my education in different directions during my studies.

Admission process

The Abitur grade says little about a person and their ability to study. I have seen many students with weak A-levels who are now studying with excellent grades. The admission test says more about the applicants' personality and their abilities in certain subjects.

The Leuphana Semester

At the beginning of my studies, as a recent high school graduate, I was glad that I was introduced to scientific work in the Leuphana Semester. Without a methodological foundation, studying can be overwhelming at the beginning - the Leuphana Semester remedied this.

Complementary studies

In the complementary studies, I can deepen my hobbies and interests on a scientific basis and thus get to know the university from a different perspective. The wide range of elective courses and the contact with a colourful mix of seminar participants are a nice change from the compulsory courses of the degree programme.

Engagement during my studies

I am active in the economics student council and was also a department representative. Through my involvement, I can improve the studies for my fellow students and influence what happens here at the university. Leuphana supports students who get involved and participate in university life.

My future

After my Bachelor's degree in economics, I can imagine doing the PELP Master's degree at Leuphana, which combines three disciplines: economics, politics and law. This way, I can continue to pursue the interdisciplinary approach after my Bachelor's degree. After the Master's, I can imagine working in many areas, from large companies to banks to large organisations, administration or politics. With economics, you have many options later on.

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