Requirements for international applicants

Application with foreign secondary school-leaving certificate

If you would like to apply for a Bachelor programme at Leuphana College, you must first check whether you meet the requirements. Leuphana College accepts a wide range of diplomas from all over the world. With the IB-Diploma, the European Baccalaureate and the Feststellungsprüfung, direct application to Leuphana is possible. All other international degrees are evaluated by uni-assist.

Check entry requirements

A university entrance qualification (Hoch­schul­zu­gangs­be­rech­ti­gung, HZB) is required in order to study at Leuphana College. The Hoch­schul­zu­gangs­be­rech­ti­gung is a degree that qualifies students for a course of study. With the help of the uni-assist database you can find out whether you are qualified to study in Germany without obligation and free of charge.

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Direct application to Leuphana College

The following qualifications qualify you for a course of study and enable you to apply directly at Leuphana College:

International Baccalaureate (IB-Diploma)

An IB Diploma is recognised throughout Germany as a university entrance qualification if certain conditions are met in terms of subject choice and grades.
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European Baccalaureate

The European Baccalaureate is a general higher education entrance qualification recognised by all EU countries and awarded to graduates of the European Schools. Holders of this qualification are directly eligible for admission to all Bachelor's degree programmes at Leuphana.

Asessment test Studienkolleg

Successful completion of the assessment test at a Studienkolleg opens up subject-restricted access to the subjects of your focus course. Find out about the subject-restricted admission to the degree programmes at Leuphana

A direct application is also possible if uni-assist has already confirmed your university entrance qualification in the past.