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On this page you will find reports about the Bachelor Digital Media at Leuphana College.

Cassidy studies Digital Media and Solziale Medien und Informationssysteme as minor. The variety of this programme and the possibilities to work in Germany in the future are major reasons why she chose to study at the Leuphana College.

Why did you choose studying Digtal Media at Leuphana College?

I already have a Bachelor degree in Philosophy, which I did in the US. I moved to Germany to do something totally different. I always attended to go and be a lawyer but after my first Bachelors I decided that wasn’t what I wanted to do and that’s why I started this new programme at the Leuphana College. I noticed that the technical way was the direction I wanted to go.

What do you think about the combination with the subsidiary subject Soziale Medien und Informationssysteme?

I think that it’s a little bit repetitive but only because it’s both in the same direction. It’s lucky for us that we have the Complementary Studies so, that we get a bit more diversity in our semester schedule.

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Heidi studies Digital Media and Soziale Medien und Informationssysteme since the winter term 2015/16. In her major and minor, she is especially interested in the history of computer development and digital media. 

Why did you decide on the Digital Media Bachelor programme?

I have always been interested in critical thinking and the connection between human and machine. Yet it wasn’t until I started studying the programme that I realised how much I am actually into Digital Media as a field of research. The reason why I initially choose the programme was the multitude of possibilities it provided. From the technological basics of computing all the way to the production of short films and live music. All of those aspects just really intrigued me.

Can you connect the content of your Minor Soziale Medien with your Major Digital Media?

Yes, both of the subjects work rather well together. The Minor is a little bit more on the practical side of Digital Media where as the Major is more based on reading theory. For example, in the Minor we would work with web crawlers and analyse large amounts of data and in the Major we would then read about the implications and theory behind the big data we’ve worked with earlier. So I’d say my Minor complements the Major quite well. The only downside to Soziale Medien is that it is taught entirely in German. So if you are not able to speak fluent German it is rater hard to study this Minor.

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