B.A. Studium Indivduale: Jobs and Career

The Studium Individuale study programme is designed to help students cultivate their personal interests and strengths, and to prepare them for a civic and professional engagement with our world’s contemporary problems. By developing their own lines of inquiry and learning, students shape their education and lay the groundwork for their future professional career.

Careers in Contemporary Society

A key rationale of liberal education programmes such as Studium Individuale is to provide students with the skills, knowledge and professional disposition that are needed for a variety of careers in contemporary society. There is a clear demand for mature, self-reliant and self-motivated graduates, who can be trusted to learn quickly and who know how to make the best use of their own faculties. It is these qualities that Studium Individuale enhances and brings out of its students. The Studium Individuale major at Leuphana thereby prepares students for sustainable, socially relevant and personally rewarding careers.

Depending on the choices that you make over the course of your studies and the specific profile that you develop, graduating from the Studium Individuale can enable you to continue your studies with a range of M.A. or M.Sc. programmes. You may find innovative, problem-oriented and interdisciplinary Master programmes particularly attractive and attainable. You will be offered substantive advice from faculty as to which programmes might be desirable in view of your personal interests, goals and academic profile.

With or without a subsequent Masters degree, the liberal education that is offered to you through Studium Individuale opens up a wide range of possible career paths. Businesses, the public and non-profit sector, and universities alike are expressing a growing demand for self-reliant, personally engaged, and versatile graduates who are trained in analytical thinking and are capable of acquiring and managing knowledge and skills. Among the sectors and types of organizations that regularly employ and work with graduates of liberal education programmes are national or international NGOs; administrations, parliaments and political organizations; diplomacy and international organizations; consultancies, think tanks and research institutions; media and journalism; cultural institutions, museums and the arts, along with universities and research foundations.

With its emphasis on student responsibility for self-guided learning and acting and embracing creative problem-solving, the Studium Individuale programme equally encourages and prepares graduates for entrepreneurial initiatives. Alumni are ideally situated to create their own positions, by helping others identify and solve complex problems. The direction you take following graduation will depend in part on the modules that you select during your programme.

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