Pre-course: Basics of Chemistry

Participation at any time

You are already looking forward to your Global Environmental and Sustainability Studies, but you think you still have a few gaps in chemistry? Or do you want to prepare yourself to better meet the requirements of the natural science modules? Register for the preliminary course GRUNDLAGEN DER CHEMIE and take advantage of the preparation opportunity. Even if you are already studying Global Environmental and Sustainability Studies, you can still take part in the course.

Preparing for your studies

No matter where you are now, whether your schedule is overflowing with flat searches and moving plans, you can flexibly schedule your course participation and participate from any location with Internet access!

Not only before but also during your studies you can ask questions in the forum at any time, which will be answered promptly by our team of tutors. Also this year, we offer an intensive phase with weekly online meetings during September, in which the entire subject matter can be discussed and debated. You can choose between English and German.

A later start is possible at any time.

For information on registration, please contact Svenja Schloss by e-mail and state the preferred language.

Registration is also possible after the start of the course, there are still places available.

Course overview


Opening of the contents of work phase I: General Chemistry
Introduction | Sustainable Chemistry | Ato­ms | Mo­lecules | Pe­riodic Table of Elements | Che­mi­cal Formulas |

Online-Meeting (I)



Online Meeting - Retrospective on work Phase I

Opening of the contents of work phase II: Chemical Mathematics
Stoichiometry | Concentrations | Reaction Equations

Online-Meeting (II)




Online Meeting - Retrospective on work Phase II

Opening of the contents of work phase III: Physical and Inorganic Chemistry
Fundamentals of Thermodynamics and Kinetics | Acids and Bases | Electrochemistry | Salts | Complexes | Metals

Online-Meeting (III)




Online Meeting - Retrospective on Work Phase III

Opening of the contents of work phase IV: Organic and Analytical Chemistry
Nomenclature | Po­ly­me­rs | Reaction mechanisms

Online-Meeting (IV)21.09.2020Online Meeting - Reflexion der Arbeitsphase IV

Information about the procedure

  • 4 online meetings of 90 min each
  • Work phases with exercises
  • Constant support by an E-Tutor
  • Workload: 20 to 30 hours

You need

  • Laptop / PC or Mac with stable Internet connection
  • loudspeakers


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