Take a Peek

Attending courses at a university is an important element in choosing a Bachelor's programme. This makes it possible to get a direct insight into everyday study life and the possible subjects and combinations. For this purpose, Leuphana University of Lüneburg offers you, as a school class/year group or as an individual interested in studying, the possibility of taster study. From the currently running courses of the different Bachelor programmes, the Student Advisory Service College compiles an overview of courses that you can attend within the framework of the taster study.
Please also note our data protection information.

Please also note our data protection information.

Take a peek as an individual

As an individual, you can choose and participate in one or more courses from our Bachelor's degree programmes during the lecture period. You will find a selection on the subpages for the Major Programmes and for Teacher Education.

The lecturers are attuned to visitors and find it helpful and desirable if you briefly introduce yourself at the beginning of the course.

If necessary, you can then evaluate your experience in an individual counselling session with the student counsellor.

Offers during the Wintersemester 2023/24

The lecture period for the winter semester is over. Our students are now writing exams and assignments. The summer semester 2024 starts on 2 April and we will open the courses from mid/end of April to give you a taster. Please understand that the first few weeks of the courses belong entirely to the students and lecturers. Here they often clarify organisational aspects of the course.

From this page, we will link you to subpages during the semester. There you will find information on the individual courses of the Leuphana Bachelor's programme (major and minor) and on teacher training.

Our campus is of course open to visitors regardless of lecture times. You can regularly take part in officially guided tours.

Event formats

What is meant by the terms "lecture", "tutorial", "seminar" and "integrated course"?


Lectures are used to impart theoretical knowledge by a lecturer who presents with the help of a script or slides. This is therefore a type of teaching in which the students mainly listen to the lecturer.


Seminars serve to deepen knowledge of selected topics. Students are given topics to work on independently and for example give a presentation on them.


Exercises are accompanying events to the lectures in which skills and abilities are developed. The focus is on independently solving exercises relating to the lecture material and discussing the solutions.

Integrated events

Here, the teaching and learning forms of lecture and tutorial are combined.