Admission Process undergraduate degree programmes

European-Union/EEA applicants

At Leuphana College, all majors as well as all teacher training programmes are subject to an admission restriction. The common Latin term for an admission restriction is numerus clausus. This means that only a certain number of first-year students can be admitted. You can find out how many places are available on the websites of the individual programmes.

Below you will find an overview of the points that have been required for admission in the past year (intake winter semester 2020_21)

Please note that

  • there are no fixed admission restrictions.
  • the point value of the person who had been the last to be admitted becomes the new admission restriction in the respective application year.
  • therefore, the figures can only give you a general idea of the admission restrictions for the current year.
  • for intake 2021/22, the ranking list in level 1 will be formed exclusively via the grade of the university entrance qualification (without extracurricular achievements).
  • for admission to the wintersemester 2020_21, the sum of HZB grade (max. 30 points) and extracurricular achievements (max. 5 points) was the basis for ranking in the main quota. This corresponds to stage 2 in the admission procedure for the winter semester 2021/22.

Admission restrictions 2021

Information for international prospective students: How can I convert my average grade into the German system?

The so-called "modified Bavarian formula" is used to convert the grades.
Would you like to know your German grade? Then use our calculator. All you have to do is enter the best grade from your grading system and the lowest pass mark, i.e. the minimum grade it takes to pass.

Please note: This is only for initial orientation and not binding information.