Career Prospects

At Leuphana University, you will acquire interdisciplinary skills as well as specialist knowledge through the interdisciplinary Bachelor's degree program in Cultural Studies. The course offers good preparation for international references and debates in cultural production. The program is not only taught in English, but is also thematically oriented towards international discourses.

After completing your studies, you will be able to independently develop and convincingly present solution strategies in a national and international working environment. The Bachelor's degree program Cultural Studies: Organization, Society, and the Arts offers the opportunity to form far-reaching networks through its international orientation, which not only include the function of fellow students and alumni.

Employment opportunities with a Bachelor's degree in Cultural Studies

Studying Cultural Studies at Leuphana University opens up a wide range of career prospects. By choosing a specialization and a minor subject, you can set individual priorities and qualify for different fields of employment:

  • Cultural organization and administration
  • Artistic management
  • Work in cultural and creative industry institutions as well as in the wider culturally oriented economy
    •      Galleries, art galleries and art associations
    •      Major exhibitions and biennials
    •      Museums
    •      Publishing houses and art journalism
    •      Art fairs
    •      Auction houses
    •      Companies with art collections
  • Activities in the public and non-profit cultural sector (cultural departments, foundations, interest groups)
  • Activities in management and public relations in cultural institutions (museums, theaters, orchestras, publishing houses, media)
  • Academic activities in research and teaching after further qualification in the Master's program

Cultural organization and management

  • Event manager: Conceive, plan and implement events of all kinds, whereby marketing tasks may also be relevant in addition to organizational and commercial activities
  • Cultural manager: Planning, development and management of cultural projects and cultural and leisure facilities with the aim of creating space and understanding for art and culture as well as for cultural exchange in our society
  • Fundraiser: planning and implementing fundraising measures for social and cultural institutions such as aid organizations, foundations and cultural institutions

Artistic direction

  • Artistic director: Manages artistic (but often also economic and administrative) processes in theaters, opera houses, playhouses, radio stations, orchestras or festivals
  • Dramaturge: Edit theater literature and scripts, develop (theater) schedules or programs and advise the director on productions or filming
  • Curator: look after collections in museums and organize exhibitions and special events
  • Director: artistic and creative planning of film, video and television productions or theater productions as well as their calculation and realization
  • Art director: develop advertising strategies for various media as well as their organization and implementation, e.g. in advertising agencies, broadcasting companies and publishing houses

Career and professional orientation

During your cultural studies degree, you can get to know relevant fields of employment through qualified internships and your own research and practical projects and find out which field of work you are interested in.

Master's program after the Bachleor's degree in Cultural Studies

After completing your Bachelor's degree, you also have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of cultural studies in a Master's program at a German or international university.

The Leuphana Graduate School offers Master's programs in the field of cultural studies:
Cultural Studies: Culture and Organization
Critical Studies – Arts, Theory, History
Media and Digital Studies