College Degree Model

Leuphana Bachelor / Teacher Training Courses

Leuphana College provides a new educational model for Bachelor degree programmes. At the beginning, the Bachelor programmes call for enthusiasm for fundamental problems and new solutions. First semester students start with the Opening Week by dedicating themselves to a wide range of projects. These projects mark the beginning of the joint Leuphana Semester.

Idea: Simply Different

Whoever studies with enthusiasm does not consume knowledge so much as produce it. A modern Bachelor programme should emanate from students' personal questions and perspectives. This idea of education places people and the development of their personality through experience at the centre.
Professional job preparation is a second important aspect. Educational level, sense of responsibility, and different types of life experiences are decisive for a professional career.

University graduates should be able to approach new questions and demands on the basis of an academic attitude that is open to new perceptions and perspectives. Student projects, practical orientation, and a concern for the sustainable impacts of activities are always central themes in the curriculum of Leuphana College.

Whoever studies here takes on responsibility and tries to find viable solutions for complex problems. Decisive responses to the challenges and ideas of the curriculum are part of the real world at Leuphana College.

 Students should know: It’s all about being prepared to change your own thinking and acting to become more systematic, fundamental, faster, and more discerning. And it’s about being prepared to work together with fellow students. Because great accomplishments are seldom achieved by one student alone.

Leuphana College: Studying Successfully

Following Anglo-American traditions, Leuphana College stands for an idea of education that aims at fostering personal development, practical ability, and social responsibility. Leuphana University of Lüneburg implements this approach in its unified Bachelor degree programmes under the roof of the College.

Bachelor degree programmes at College encourages students of all disciplines to develop an open and inquisitive mind that questions assumptions and looks for solutions beyond the boundaries of academic discourse.

Bachelor studies at Leuphana University of Lüneburg not only lays a solid foundation for the future professional career, but also aims at providing access to a university that values interdisciplinarity and emphasizes wide-ranging practical and theoretical competence.

College Degree Model ©Leuphana Universität Lüneburg
College Degree Model

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