Applying to Leuphana College

We believe that a university’s success strongly depends on its students. For this reason, we carefully consider every application. Within the legal framework of a public university, we do not solely focus on grades but emphasise individual motivation and volunteer engagement. We look forward to receiving your application if you are interested in contributing to our academic community with your ideas and your intellectual curiosity. Our liberal education supports students who are highly motivated to discover, reflect, and discuss questions, theories, and criticism, and who pursue to contribute to the common good.

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We welcome diversity both among our students and staff to enrich learning, teaching, and academic life.

There are certainly a number of restrictions, obligations and deadlines for international applicants. However, our guidelines and the International Office will help you through the application process.

Leuphana College accepts first-semester students only for the winter semester. The online application link will be activated in mid-May. Please send your application before 15 July to be considered in the application procedure.

Applicants with a foreign university entrance certificate should send their application separately through Uni-Assist in Berlin.

Acceptance letters are generally sent by mail by mid-August. Students on the waiting list will receive a final decision by mid-September. If you have received a notice of admission, there are still a few formalities that need to be taken care of. You will receive full information on the enrolment procedure, including your student ID card, by mid-September. The semester officially starts in October with the Opening Week, which will introduce you to academic life and scholarly debates on global challenges.

If you have already enrolled at Leuphana or any other university and want to be transferred to a higher semester in your degree programme, you will be subject to a different application procedure.

Uni-Assist: Central Application in Berlin

Application documents of applicants who gained their university entrance qualification (A-level, high school diploma, French baccalauréat, gaokao, etc.) are pre-checked by Uni-Assist on behalf of Leuphana University. Uni-Assist will charge you a service fee for checking if your application documents are complete and meet entrance requirements. We kindly ask you to direct enquiries about your application status to Uni-Assist. Please find contact details below.

For a preliminary non-binding assessment of your eligibility to study in Germany, you can refer to the Anabin database (in German) or the UniAssist online pre-check (German and English).

Before you apply, please make sure that you meet (English) language requirements.

Applicants with an IB-Diploma (International Baccalaureate Diploma) can apply directly to Leuphana University. 

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