Applying to Leuphana College

bachelor degree programmes

In order to study at Leuphana College, you will need a valid higher education entrance qualification (abbreviated in German as “HZB”). This is an educational qualification that grants you the right to study. In addition to attaining your general higher education entrance qualification (in German: “Abitur”), a number of other qualifications in Lower Saxony entitle you to take up a course of study. 

When applying, a fundamental distinction is made between domestic (German) and foreign higher education entrance qualifications. As to whether you have a German HZB does not depend on your nationality, but solely on the type of qualification you hold. For example, if you completed your “Abitur” at a German school abroad, you are considered to have a German “HZB”.

German higher education entrance qualification

German and international prospective students who hold a German university entrance qualification, including the Abitur from a German school abroad and the German-French Baccalauréat (AbiBac), please follow the information on applying with a German university entrance qualification.

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International higher education entrance qualification

For international and German prospective students who have an international higher education entrance qualification, please follow the information on applying with a foreign higher education entrance qualification.

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Application period

For the first semester

The online application will be open from the middle of may. The application period ends on 15 July.

Please note:
The Bachelor's programmes all start in October (winter semester). It is therefore not possible to apply in the summer semester (start in April). Applications cannot be made outside the application period.

For advanced semesters

The online application for the 3rd and 5th semester is open from the middle of may to 15 July (start of studies in October).
For the 2nd and 4th semester, the online application is open from the middle of December to 15 January (start of studies in April).

Initial Information

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