Complementary Studies

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In the complementary studies you become familiar with other disciplinary and methodological approaches from the second semester onwards. You can thus focus on additional aspects in parallel with your subjects, giving you the opportunity to sharpen your skills profile – in your field, in another field and across disciplines.

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Complementary Studies

Perspectives and Approaches

The four perspectives of complementary studies are based on specialist disciplines that are taught or researched at Leuphana. In keeping with the university’s interdisciplinary approach, there is also a general perspective:

  • Social sciences perspective
  • Humanities perspective
  • Sciences perspective
  • Interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary perspective

The lectures allocated to these perspectives are derived from the entire range of subjects at Leuphana, so that lectures can be attended in your field, in another field and across disciplines.

Within each perspective, there are three approaches to a topic:

  • Methods-oriented: to introduce or specialise in subject-specific research tools
  • Practice-oriented: for practical reference and a change in perspective
  • Mediality- oriented: to discuss current texts, theories and debates

All the lectures during complementary studies are designed within the afore-mentioned perspectives and then either take a methods-oriented, practice-oriented or mediality-oriented approach. The result is a total of twelve different modules combining perspectives and approaches.

Courses for practical studies

The complementary studies lectures are offered in twelve different modules. Among them there are different courses that provide for practical studies.

Gender Diversity Certificate

In this certificate programme you focus on themes, such as equal opportunities, gender equality and social inequality.
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