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Leuphana Bachelor

What makes an individual unique? Why are people prejudiced about the unknown? How do social conflicts arise? Skills in psychology are essential for overcoming social challenges in education, business and politics. In the psychology programme at the Leuphana College, you can explore the experiences and behaviours of individuals with a focus on societal and organisational contexts.

BACHELOR: Psychology Major

In the Psychology Major at the Leuphana College, you closely engage with and explore the basic subjects of psychology. These include general psychology, biological psychology, differential psychology, developmental psychology and social psychology. You also acquire skills in empirical research methods and psychological diagnostics, including the preparation and conduct of psychological experiments, data analysis with inferential statistics, and the application of diagnostic tests for individuals. 

Psychology in practice

You apply the principles you have learned in the classroom to practical problems and questions. In the Leuphana College, the focus is on applications for society in general and for business and organizational contexts. Clinical psychology is therefore not available as a specialisation. 

  • Occupational, organisational, business and educational psychology
    The Minor in Applied Psychology in Society explores aspects of occupational, organisational, business and educational psychology. It also offers insights into current questions of health psychology, political psychology, environmental psychology, and media psychology. 

    The combination of the Major in Psychology with the Minor in Applied Psychology in Society is a bachelor’s programme accredited with the seal of quality from the German Psychological Society (DGPs). The addition of the minor, therefore, qualifies you to continue with a master’s in Psychology.

  • Business Psychology
    In the Minor in Business Psychology, you focus exclusively on those psychological aspects that are particularly relevant to business and industry. You can specialise in Human Resources and Organisation, Work and Technology, or Markets and Consumption. The minor qualifies you to continue in a master’s programme in management or business. The language of instruction in the Business Psychology Minor is German

Psychology: an international discipline

The curriculum of the Major in Psychology has an international focus. In the fifth semester, you have an opportunity to spend a semester abroad. Exchange places are currently available at our partner universities Universidad de Málaga (Spain), Universidad San Martin de Porres (Peru), Üsküdar University and Altinbas University (Turkey) as well as Drury University (USA).  


Psychology Bachelor perspectives

In the Psychology Major at the Leuphana College, you acquire an in-depth knowledge of basic subjects in psychology, empirical and scientific methods and psychological diagnostics. 
Together with the Minor in Applied Psychology in Society, the Major allows you to develop important skills for positions in education, social work, consulting, or human resources. It also qualifies you for a broad range of master’s programmes in psychology (except clinical psychology).
The Minor in Business Psychology qualifies you in particular for positions in human resources, professional development, advertising, marketing, and research and development in the field of psychological ergonomics. 


Studying Psychology BSc at Leuphana College

Studying in the bachelor’s programme at the Leuphana College allows you to combine specialist knowledge with an orientation to solutions thinking and responsible action. The Leuphana Semester and the Complementary Studies provide the framework for dealing with socially relevant topics outside your chosen major–minor combination. They are an integral part of the Leuphana Bachelor’s and give you the freedom to immerse yourself in different fields of knowledge and, together with your fellow students, develop viable solutions to the challenges of the future. 
You can find information on the course content and structure for the Major in Psychology on the curriculum page of the Leuphana College.

The psychological BSc programs at Leuphana University (major/minors) do not qualify for the approbation test in psychotherapy.


Leuphana Bachelor: Studying at College

In the Leuphana Bachelor with Psychology major, you combine specialist knowledge with solution-oriented thinking and responsible action. The Leuphana Semester and Complementary Studies provide the framework for dealing with socially relevant topics outside your chosen major/minor combination. They are an integral part of the Leuphana Bachelor and give you the freedom to immerse yourself in different fields of knowledge and to develop viable solutions for the challenges of the future together with other college students.

Possible minor combinations

Business Psychology (GER)
Psychology and Society (ENG)

The Leuphana Bachelor enables the combination of different interests through major and minor. With the minor choice you can move within traditional disciplines or give your Bachelor an individual profile. You can also choose a minor that is not listed in the overview.

Language of instruction

ENG Eng­lish-lan­gua­ge sub­ject: no Ger­man re­qui­red
GER Ger­man-lan­gua­ge sub­ject: Ger­man re­qui­red
GER / ENG Ger­man-lan­gua­ge sub­ject can also be ta­ken in Eng­lish

At a glance: BSc Psychology

  • Degree awarded: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
  • Length of study: 3 years
  • Total credits: 180 ECTS
  • Total places: 64
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Tutition fees: none
  • Semester fee: approx. EUR 353
  • Semester abroad: optional
  • Start of classes: October 1
  • Application period: from mid may to 31 July
  • Admission requirements: university entrance qualification and English skills
  • Selective admission: yes
  • Admission procedure: internal selection process

Events for prospective students

College open day

On 28th May 2021 our next Online Open Day is going to take place, including zoom sessions on application and admission addressed exclusively to our international applicantsFind out more


Applications and admissions

Leuphana College accepts new students each winter term. If you wish to be considered for a place on the Bachelor, your application must have been received by 31 July.

For applicants from EU and EEA countries the University operates a special admissions procedure for the award of places. It considers not only applicants' grades, but also special skills, experience and non-academic achievements such as periods spent studying abroad, and volunteering work.

Online applications

Online applications are possible from mid-May. Find out more about the entry requirements and specific admissions process at Leuphana College. Find out more now


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