Selection days

at Leuphana College*

By participating in the selection days, you gain insight into the requirements of studying at Leuphana College, earn additional points for ranking in the admissions process, and furthermore, have the opportunity to form a personal impression of Leuphana University Lüneburg's campus.

Selection Days 2024

Friday, 26. AprilStudy skills test on campus
Friday, 31. MayStudy skills test as part of the College Open Day on campus
Saturday, 15. JuneStudy skills test on campus
Friday, 19. JulyStudy skills test and selection interviews on campus
Online selection interviews
Online study skills test (ITB-GSAT)
Saturday, 20. JulyStudy skills test and selection interviews on campus
Online selection interviews
Monday, 22. JulyStudy skills test and selection interviews on campus
Online selection interviews

Study skills test

As part of the selection days, all study programmes at Leuphana College will take a study skills test on campus. In some study programmes, a selection interview is also conducted (see below).

The study skills test measures study-related cognitive skills that are essential for successful study at Leuphana College. In this way, Leuphana University of Lüneburg aims to gain a comprehensive picture of applicants' competences and abilities and enable them to earn additional points for the admission process - beyond the grade of the university entrance qualification and, if applicable, extracurricular achievements.

The study skills test comprises three test parts: "Analyse contexts", "Recognise structures" and "Work with concentration and care". For English-language study programmes, the study skills test is written in English. The test takes just under two hours to complete. You cannot prepare for the test. To give you an impression of the tasks, you will find sample tasks and explanations of the three parts of the test in the download area.

By taking the test, you can achieve a maximum of 24 additional points. After your application has been checked and you have been allocated to the main quota, these points will be added to your score from the HZB grade (maximum 30) and, if applicable, points for creditable extracurricular achievements. This is how a ranking list is determined, which is the basis for admission to the main quota.

In order to participate in one of the selection days, online registration is required. Registration for this year's selection days will be possible here from the end of March.

Reimbursement of Travel Expenses
If you have a long journey or if there are social reasons, a portion of the travel expenses can be reimbursed by the university. Please refer to the specific regulations in the travel expense reimbursement form in the download section.

Online participation
As an alternative to the free test on campus, we offer the option of taking the ITB-GSAT test online. Participation costs 150 euros. Registration and payment are made directly to the test provider. The link for registration and further information will be published in good time. We recommend that you take the test at on campus, as this will allow you to get your own impression of the Leuphana and the city.

Selection interview

In addition to the study skills test, selection interviews are held for the Global Environmental and Sustainability Studies, Studium Individuale and Environmental Sciences degree programmes. During the selection interviews, we would like to get to know you personally and give you the opportunity to "score points" in a personal interview.

An interview lasts about 20 minutes and takes place either before or after the study skills test. For English-language study programmes, the interview is conducted in English. The selection interviews are conducted by interviewers in a standardised manner and recorded. Following the interview, you will give a 5-minute presentation on a topic of your choice, followed by a maximum 5-minute block for questions from the interview panel. It should be a current and socially relevant topic. Please bring an outline of your presentation in duplicate to the selection interviews. Please refrain from preparing a PowerPoint presentation. This cannot be taken into consideration.

You can achieve a maximum of 24 points in the selection interview (incl. presentation), which will be offset against the result of the study skills test (60% interview and 40% test). These are added to your existing score from the HZB grade (maximum 30) and those from the extracurricular activities (maximum 5). This is how the ranking list is determined, which forms the basis for admission to the main quota.

In order to confirm your participation, online registration is mandatory. You can do this from the end of March. Further information will then be available for download here.

Online interview
If you decide to take the entire procedure online or if you have already written the test at a previous appointment on site, we offer you the opportunity to take the interview via video conference free of charge. To take part in an online interview, you must indicate this when you register.

Impressions of the selection days

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Insights into the selection days 2022


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