Visa and Residence

  • Visa and residence permit regulations
  • Proof of financial means
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  • Health insurance
  • Registration of residence
  • Residence permit / Electronic title of residence (eAT)

Visa and residence permit regulations

In general, foreign nationals who wish to study in Germany must apply for a student visa in order to enter Germany, for which financial requirements must be met and proof of insurance must be provided. Do not enter Germany with a tourist visa because it cannot be changed into a student visa. Students from EU/EEA countries generally do not need a visa for entry.

Please check here whether you require a visa:

Students from non-EU countries who are studying in an EU member state, please note the following special legal regulation:

Proof of financial means

When applying for a visa, you already have to prove that you can cover your living expenses during your entire stay. To do this, you must prove financial means of currently 992€ per month. You can prove this by putting the corresponding amount in a blocked bank account (Expatrio, Fintiba). Please note that a part-time job in Germany is not sufficient for self-financing and is not recognised as proof of financing.

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Tips for International Students - How do I finance my studies in Germany?

Health insurance

In Germany health insurance is compulsory. Therefore, international students must provide proof of adequate health insurance coverage during their stay in Germany. Travel insurance will not be accepted!

Health insurance is compulsory from the time of enrolment, regardless of the date of entry to Germany.

Students from countries that have signed the Treaty on Health Care Abroad must only provide proof of health insurance in their home country and along their electronic health insurance card/AT 11. Please note that for working during the study period a public health insurance in Germany is compulsory for all students, even for EU citizens. We also recommend taking out private health insurance abroad to cover any additional costs that may arise.

Students from other countries can take out public student health insurance in Germany at a cost of approx. 120 euros per month. It can be arranged in advance online. Alternatively it is possible to enter Germany with a travel insurance and take out health insurance after arrival. Foreign health insurance will usually not be accepted.

Students aged over 30 must take out private health insurance.

Please find more information on the German health insurance system here.

Registration of residence

All students have to register at municipialty in town after arrival. In Lüneburg you can make appointment via the following website:

Unfortunately, the website is only available in German, so please follow our instructions here.

If you live in another town/region, please contact responsable resident registration office.

During the language and orientation program we will assist you with registration in town. If you arrive earlier or later, please register on your own.

You will need the following documents:

Please note that you also must give notice of your departure.

Residence permit / Electronic title of residence (eAT)

If you enter Germany without a visa, you must apply for residence permit at the Immigration Office, which must be received no later than 90 days after entering the country.
If you entered Germany with a visa and your stay will exceed the duration of the visa, please apply for extension of your residence permit 6-8 weeks before it expires.

Online application Immigration Office

It is possible to change the language of the website to English, Spanish or French.


The Foreigners Authority (Ausländerbehörde) is located in the Lüneburg Bürgeramt:

Bardowicker Str. 23
D-21335 Lüneburg

Please make an appointment!
Fon: +49.4131.3093252