Semester contribution and fees

At Leuphana College you pay a semester contribution for enrolment, re-registration and, to a lesser extent, during a leave of absence. If you complete your studies within the standard period of study plus six additional semesters, there will be no additional fees. Only if you exceed this period do you have to pay a long-term tuition fee per semester.

Current semester contribution

For the summer semester 2024, the following contributions are payable at Leuphana University of Lüneburg for:

  • Studentenwerk contribution: 112.00 Euro

  • Student body contribution: 131.15 Euro (includes "Lower Saxony Ticket" = € 113.25 incl. Kulturticket, city bike and € 17.90 contribution towards student council and administration)
  • Contribution towards administrative expenses 75.00 Euro
  • Total: 318.15 Euro

These fees are payable upon registration or re-registration for the following semester. The amounts should be transferred to

IBAN: DE 26 2505 0000 0199 916 917

Purpose: matriculation number, surname, first name

University fees and fees for long-term students

Since the winter semester 2014/2015, the state of Lower Saxony has charged all students tuition fees for undergraduate or consecutive Master studies from the first semester.

The regulations (§ 11 of the Higher Education Act of Lower Saxony -NHG-) contain the following points:

    • Increase semester fees will be charged for long-term students in all undergraduate courses and consecutive Master degree programs.
    • The fee increment amounts to € 500 per semester after the respective standard period of study, plus additional "tolerance semesters".
    • At the end of the tolerance semesters the semester fees increase by € 500 for the additional semesters.
    • Students who are looking after children up to the age of 14, nursing close relatives, working as equal opportunities officers (maximum of 2 semesters), taking leave of absence or completing a semester or a practical semester abroad are exempted from this obligation to pay university fees.
    • The revenue from university fees remains with the respective university and is spent exclusively on measures to improve teaching and student supervision.
    • This list represents only a short summary. Please read the exact and legally binding regulations here: Information leaflet from the Admissions Office (available in German only).

      Contact persons

      If you have any ques­ti­ons con­cerning semester contribution or long-term tuition fees, plea­se con­tact the re­s­pon­si­ble persons in the Student Services. You will find the person responsible for you on the page of your major.