Pre-courses at Leuphana College

Start your studies well prepared

You can attend pre-courses to prepare for your studies at Leuphana College. The courses are an additional offer, participation is therefore voluntary.

Basics of Chemistry

For students of Global Environmental and Sustainability Studies major

You are already looking forward to your Global Environmental and Sustainability Studies, but you think you still have a few gaps in chemistry? Or do you want to prepare yourself to better meet the requirements of the natural science modules? Register for the preliminary course GRUNDLAGEN DER CHEMIE and take advantage of the preparation opportunity. Even if you are already studying Global Environmental and Sustainability Studies, you can still take part in the course.

The pre-course Basics of Chemistry is open from September. It can be worked on at any time and from wherever you are during the winter semester. An intensive, supervised period of 4 weeks with regular online meetings will be offered in March before the start of the summer semester. For access data and further information please send an email to:

Preparation Course Mathematics

For first-year students of mathematics in the teaching programmes Teaching and Learning, Social Pedagogy, Business Education and in the majors Economics, Engineering, International Business Administration and Entrepreneurship, Business Information Systems, Environmental Sciences, Global Environmental and Sustainability Studies, Psychology

Before the start of your studies and in the first semesters of your studies, you can check and refresh your previous mathematical knowledge in an online course. Participation in the course is voluntary. It serves to prepare you for your studies (depending on your needs) and is not a compulsory part of the curriculum.

You can find more information about the Preparation Course Mathematics on the website of the Centre for Methods.

First-year students of mathematics (B.A. Teaching and Learning, B.A. Social Pedagogy and B.A. Business Education) are welcome to contact the Institute for Mathematics and its Didactics (IMD) with any questions.

Important dates 2022/23