Admission Process undergraduate degree programmes

Non-European Union/EEA Applicants

Applications from nationals of non-EU/EEA countries with a foreign university entrance qualification are processed separately from other applications within the preliminary and special quota. You can find out how the procedure works in this section.

What is the admission procedure for international applicants from non-EU/EEA countries?

Uni-Assist checks your application documents and forwards valid applications to Leuphana. Direct applications to Leuphana are only possible with an IB diploma, the European Baccalaureate, the Feststellungsprüfung or a preliminary examination documentation. If you receive a confirmation of your university entrance qualification from Uni-Assist, this means that you are participating in the selection process. However, it does not automatically mean that you will also receive a place at Leuphana.

At Leuphana College, all courses of study are admission restricted. Only a certain number of places are available, so not all applicants who meet the admission criteria will be admitted. The college will make a selection if there are more applications than places available.

The selection is made by ranking all valid applications based on the average grade of the university entrance qualification.

- Grade Conversion

To earn additional points in the admissions process, you can voluntarily take the study ability test Test AS. With this test, you can earn a maximum of 10 additional bonus points.

The content of the Test-AS will depend on the chosen major. For an application to a German-taught major, this test must be taken in German; for an English-taught major, it must be taken in English.

An applicant can gain additional points for special circumstances, according to the legal requirements of the federal state of Lower Saxony. This includes

  • 1 point if the applicant has a scholarship from a public institution
  • 1 point if the applicant has successfully completed the preparatory course at a Studienkolleg
  • 1 point if the applicant has been granted asylum in the Federal Republic of Germany

- Calculation of points non-EU applicants

How many study places are available?

For applicants from non-EU/EEA countries, 5% of the study places within the Bachelor's degree programmes per major or subject are available within the preliminary and special quota. This quota only applies to applications for a Bachelor's degree programme, not for a Master's degree programme. The quota is valid for the state of Lower Saxony, it may vary in other German states.

How can I convert my average grade into the German system?

The so-called "modified Bavarian formula" is used to convert the grades.
Would you like to know your German grade? Then use our calculator. All you have to do is enter the best grade from your grading system and the lowest pass mark, i.e. the minimum grade it takes to pass.

Please note: This is only initial orientation and not binding information.

What average grade do I need for admission?

Nobody can predict exactly what average grade is required for admission, as the numbers can change every year. The figures of the last few years can serve as a reference point.



Places available within the 5% Quota for Non-EU/EEA students

in 2022

Qualification points needed for admission in 2022                       


English Major



Digital Media


23 = average grade 1,7


3all applicants admitted

Global Environmental & Sustainability Studies


23 = average grade 1,7

International Business Administration & Entrepreneurship


26 = average grade 1,4



23 = average grade 1,4

Studium Individuale