Studying Cultural Studies

When you study Cultural Studies at Leuphana College, you are aiming for more than just a Bachelor's degree. Your goal is to understand different ways of thinking, to adopt new perspectives and to continually question your own point of view. The Leuphana Bachelor with a major in Cultural Studies allows you to incorporate diverse interests and encourages you to actively shape your studies.

Programme Structure: B.A. Cultural Studies

In the Leuphana semester, you will take a fundamental look at science and scientific methodology. You will sharpen your critical thinking skills in order to question familiar assumptions. You will learn the appropriate approach for gaining systematic knowledge and practise the responsible handling of scientific findings. At the same time, you will receive an introduction to Cultural Studies, whereby you will familiarise yourself with the subject areas and the theoretical and methodological foundations of this subject area at Leuphana University of Lüneburg.

The examination of the principles of academic thinking and working in general as well as the specific introduction to the chosen major form the foundation for the interdisciplinary Bachelor's programme in Cultural Studies.

The minor serves to deepen the major in Cultural Studies or to expand it to include another subject area. You have a free choice here.

The complementary programme offers you the opportunity to pursue your thirst for knowledge individually by immersing yourself in a completely different field of knowledge, such as business psychology, gender relations and spatial structures, Islamic law or design thinking (possibly replace with other, more suitable examples). By leaving your own specialism and exploring different aspects of other disciplines, you will gain an understanding of the diversity of academic cultures as well as inter- and transdisciplinary skills.

Possible minor combinations

Business Administration (GER)
Business Law (GER)
Business Psychology (GER)
Comparative Economic Law (ENG)
Digital Business (GER)
Digital Media / Information Technology & Culture (GER)
Educational Sciences (GER)
Engineering (Fundamentals) (GER)
Museum Studies (EN)
Philosophy (GER / ENG)
Political Science (GER / ENG)
Popular Music Studies (ENG)
Psychology and Society (ENG)
Social Media and Information Systems (GER)
Spatial Sciences (GER / ENG)
Sustainability Science (GER / ENG)
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Cultural Studies

Programme content: Bachelor Cultural Studies

Prospective students of the Cultural Studies: Organisation, Society, and the Arts opens up a comprehensive range of skills. You will acquire the ability to analyse cultural studies, which will enable you to take a theoretically sound and empirically based look at the relationship between culture, art and society. One focus is on the analysis of organisational forms and processes that influence and determine the interplay between art, culture and society. Reflection on these analyses is translated into practice-oriented and creative knowledge, particularly in the context of cultural organisation, cultural management, cultural entrepreneurship and alternative ways of organising cultural production.

The empirical research skills developed enable the translation of theoretical findings into independent empirical projects and studies, supported by a solid methodological toolkit. In-depth specialist knowledge in cultural sociology, social theory, art theory, organisational sociology and cultural management theory is embedded in the interdisciplinary Lüneburg cultural sciences.

Internationally compatible and English-language knowledge is developed in order to do justice to the global nature of the art business, the cultural sector and the research language of English. Interdisciplinary skills such as reflective competence, project management, empirical research, interdisciplinary and international collaboration and teamwork are developed as personal competences.

This broad range of skills opens up a variety of career prospects and forms the basis for further study and research opportunities.

Compulsory modules in the Bachelor Cultural Studis

The following overview lists the modules that you take in the Leuphana Semester (30 credit points, CP), Major Cultural Studies (90 CP), Minor (30 CP) and Complementary Studies (30 CP):

Leuphana Semester

  •  Science transformed: responsible action. (interdisciplinary)
  •  Science problematises: critical thinking. (interdisciplinary)
  •  Science produces: methodological knowledge. (interdisciplinary)
  •  Cultural Studies: Organisation, Society, and the Arts - An Introduction
  •  Producing knowledge: Academic Reading and Writing in Cultural Studies

2 semester

  •  Understanding Cultural Organisation
  •  Understanding Culture and Society
  •  Understanding the Arts
  •  Research Methods for Organisation, Society, and the Arts
  •  1 minor module
  •  1 complementary module

3 semester

  •  Culture, Economy and Society
  •  Subjectivity and Power
  •  Arts and Institutions
  •  Contemporary Challenges in Organisation, Society, and the Arts I: Technology and Ecology
  •  1 minor module
  •  1 complementary module

4 semester

  •  Cultural Organisation in Practice
  •  Critique and Protest
  •  The Arts in Society
  •  2 minor modules
  •  1 complementary module

5 semester

  •  Projects in Organisation, Society, and the Arts
  •  Research Colloquium
  •  2 minor modules
  •  1 complementary module

6 semester

  •  Bachelor Thesis
  •  Contemporary Challenges in Organisation, Society, and the Arts II: Migration and Cities
  •  2 complementary modules