Part-time study

There are times in our lives when it's not possible to study full-time. This is why Leuphana offers students at the College and Graduate School the chance to study on a part-time basis. For example, those who want to combine studying with a job, family life, social or academic commitments, or students who are unable to study full-time as a result of serious illness or disability can apply to study part-time.
The student counseling service at the College and Graduate School can inform and advise you before you start studying part-time, and it continues to offer support and guidance throughout your studies.
You must apply to the Student Service for permission to study part-time.

en. Text wer darf teilzeit

en. Weitere Voraussetzungen

en. Studienverlauf

en. Vorwahlrecht bei Lehrveranstaltungen

en. Wechsel zwischen Voll- und Teilzeitstudium

en. Prüfungen

en. Semesterbeiträge

en. BAföG im Teilzeitstudium

en. Darlehen und Studienkredit

en. fristen