Right of precedence

Priority access is a right of precedence that makes it easier for students to reconcile multiple family and health obligations with their studies. In this way, the university promotes equal opportunities.

Students with significant time constraints imposed by severe disability, chronic illness, part-time study, care of a child or a close relative, pregnancy can claim entitlement to priority access to a course.


  • What does right of precedence mean?
  • Which supporting documents are required?
  • Priority rights apply to which courses?
  • How to apply for priority access rights?
  • Where do I apply?

What does right of precedence mean?

The right of precedence gives priority admission to a specific course even before the beginning of the draw, in other words, you do not take part in the draw.

Which supporting documents are required?

 Child care for children up to 14 years of age:

  •  a birth certificate and a certificate of residence (Meldebescheinigung) or an attestation stating that you live in one household with the child (Haushaltsbescheinigung).
  • If the child is disabled, there is no age-restriction: you need a severely disabled pass or a doctor's certificate.
  • For fostered cildren yo will need an attestation from Child Welfare Services (Jugendamt) and a certificate of residence (Meldebescheinigung).


  • Maternity book (Mutterpass)

Caring for a sick family member:

  • Expert diagnosis by the Public Medical Service (Gutachten des Medizinischen Dienstes) , indicating the required nursing level and nursing time by the person making the application.

The severely handicapped and persons of equivalent status, as well as the chronically ill:

  • Severely handicapped pass or attestation by the Public Medical Service describing the handicap/severe illness, as well as the reasons why, and to which extent, the handicap or severe illness causes time constraints. It must also indicate the beginning and expected duration of the handicap/severe illness.

 The documents submitted will be treated confidentially.

Priority rights apply to which courses?

Priority rights only apply to courses, the admission to which is regulated by a draw. The right of precedence only applies if the student can only attend several identical or equivalent classes of one module within a specific time slot, during which only one or a small number of classes are offered.

Priority rights do not apply if several or a sufficient number of classes are offered in that time slot, as for Complementary Modules at college for example, since the individual timeslots allow a selection.

The Complentary Modules at college, as well as the subject-overarching modules of the Leuphana Semester are excluded from the right to claim priority access.


How to apply for priority access rights?

You can submit vour applications für Right of Precedence for the individual events independently in myStudy. Please proceed as follows:

1. Enter the desired courses as usual in your timetable for the coming semester.

2. Open the menu item "Right of Precedence" under "Registrations" in myStudy. There, you will find the courses from your timetable that are eligible for the Right of Precedence. (Please note: Only those courses for which you can use the Right of Precedence are offered for selection and can be used. This means that no courses from the complementary studies or Leuphana semester, additional courses and courses in the list procedure will appear in the list without any restrictions on participation, as these are not open to Right of Precedence.)

3. With the button "Submit application" you apply to register for the class you wish.

4.  After the deadline end, the responsible Dean's Office will process your application and inform you by e-mail that processing has been completed. Now you can check in myStudy under "Registrations" - "Right of Precedence", which applications have been made. If applications have been rejected, you can see the reasons. In these cases, please register yourself using the regular registration procedure. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to the dean's offices or contact persons listed below. Important: For all courses excluded from the Right of Precedence (that is to say Leuphana semester, complementary studies, lectures, courses in the list procedure), please register independently in the regular registration procedure.

What do I have to do if I want to withdraw or change registrations?

If you find that there is a need for changes, you can do this yourself by the end of the pre-selection period. Applications for further events are made as described above. Withdrawing applications is also possible by using myStudy under the menu item "Registrations" - "Right of Precedence" with the option "Withdraw application".

Where do I apply?

Register and general information:

Familienservice der Leuphana
Tel. 04131.677-1832 oder 04131.677-1818.
Gebäude 10, Raum 002
Universitätsallee 1

Processing Right of Precedence for classes:

If your application has been rejected and you want to ask what to do next, please turn to dean's office of responsible for your major or minor or the contact person at the Graduate School.


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