Virtual Info Week: Martyna Fedyk - "Leuphana is like home"

2022-11-07 The 19-year-old Polish student is studying Economics with a Minor in Comparative Economic Law at Leuphana College. She has not only found the right university for her study, but also many new friends. During the Virtuel Info Week on the Bachelor's programme at the College, prospective students from abroad can also find out virtually about the study programmes at Leuphana from 21 to 25 November.

"My fellow students come from Sweden, Italy, Greece and of course Germany. I experience different cultures, religions and lifestyles," says international economics student Martyna Fedyk. ©Marietta Hülsmann
"My fellow students come from Sweden, Italy, Greece and of course Germany. I experience different cultures, religions and lifestyles," says international economics student Martyna Fedyk.

Martyna Fedyk's big wish almost didn't come true: She had passed the English language proficiency test, but the necessary document for the application was missing. She was able to submit the documents to Leuphana just in time. Then she finally held the letter she had longed for in her hands: "I was really happy to get accepted at Leuphana after all. The University of Lüneburg was my first choice," reports the student from Masuria. She is connected to Germany in many ways: Her mother is a German teacher and the family lived in the Federal Republic for a time when Martyna Fedyk was a child. In high school she studied for six months at an international grammar school in Hamburg. "I like Germany a lot," says the student. Lüneburg is ideal for her as a study city: "I like the campus and the proximity to Hamburg."

In her search for a suitable university for her studies, Martyna Fedyk found what she was looking for on the internet: "I was looking for a university that was internationally oriented, but not too big. I also wanted to study in English." With the Economics major programme, she also found the right subject at Leuphana: "I like maths and would like to combine my economic knowledge with Data Science. The DATAx format is offered to all first-semester students. I can also study that in English." DATAx is a new interdisciplinary format for Data Literacy Education for study in primarily non-technical and non-science courses. Martyna Fedyk also wants to use complementary studies to improve her IT skills and learn more about psychology. In the minor, she has chosen the Comparative Economic Law programme: "The university supports us in our choice of subjects and the International Office helps when there are questions," Martyna Fedyk reports.

She likes the exchange within her international study group: "My fellow students come from Iran, Italy, Afghanistan and, of course, Germany. I experience different cultures, religions and lifestyles. That is very instructive. During the opening week, all first-year students work together on a current social issue. We had great tutors and I made a lot of friends," the student reports. For Martyna Fedyk, the dream of studying abroad has come true. That's why she also wants to support other students with this wish: "There are many student initiatives at Leuphana and I recently got involved with ISAEC. There we help internationals arrive at Leuphana and support students who would like to go abroad. For me, the step to Germany was just right: Leuphana is already like home to me."

During the digital Bachelor Info Week, Leuphana presents several major and minor programmes every day between 4 and 6 pm. Through the time-delayed presentation, prospective students can find out about different programmes and get in direct contact with those responsible for the study programmes via Zoom. With its many possible combinations of major and minor, the Leuphana Bachelor enables students to combine different areas of interest. With the minor, students can deepen their major or complement it with another field of study.