Research Culture & Ethics

Standards of good academic practice, conducting ethically irreproachable research, transparency in applications for third-party-funding and making research outputs accessible to the public by Open Access are important components of academic practice and culture prevailing at Leuphana. Clear guidelines and various service facilities support Leuphana’s academic employees in all questions and issues related to these topics.

Good Scientific Practice

Leuphana’s Senate and Executive Board have laid down the rules ensuring good academic practice, as well as the procedure to follow in case of misconduct in relation to research and other scholarly activities. More

Ethics in Research

The Ethics Committee provides support and advice to the scholars of Leuphana University of Lüneburg in relation to ethical and legal aspects of their academic work, in particular with respect to research on humans. More

Transparent Third-Party Funding

Leuphana’s publication of its projects in FOX underpins transparency for third-party-funded activities related to research. A list of fundamental data is published once a year. More

Research Data Management

The demands on research data management for researchers are increasing in complexity and abundance. For this reason, Leuphana's Media and Information Center, in cooperation with the Research Service, offers consultation and training on various aspects of research data and its management.

Open Access

By the adoption of the Open Access Strategy in May 2014, Leuphana laid down the basis for the improvement of public access to the publications from the University. More

Gender & Diversity

Leuphana University aims to create suitable framework conditions for gender-, diversity- and inclusion-oriented and discrimination-critical university cultures and structures.