Open Access

The worldwide Open Access movement aims to make knowledge and information in digital format accessible and reusable for users without financial, technical or legal barriers. The basic idea - publicly funded research should also be made available to the public - has been realised by the Open Access movement since 2000. With this in mind, Leuphana University adopted its own Open Access Policy in 2014.

Open Access Publication Paths

The Golden Path

The first publication of scientific contributions on Open Access platforms is known as the "Golden Path". For quality assurance, the contributions undergo peer review procedures or editorial reviews. The rights of use that authors grant to publishers and the conditions of use that are to apply to documents, which are available free of charge are laid down in the publication agreement and are often supplemented by open access publication licences. The standard licence in the Golden Path is CC-BY.

The Green Path (Open Access Secondary Publication)

The "Green Path" refers to the additional publication of an article after its initial publication in a traditional journal, on institutional or disciplinary Open Access document servers. This may occur at the same time as or after the publication of the content, and is possible for preprints and postprints of scientific articles, but also for other document types such as monographs, research reports or conference proceedings. A precondition is that publishers do not have an exclusive, but only a simple right of use by contract and that authors have expressly reserved the right to parallel online publication.

General information on Open Access can also be found on the information platform

Financing Open Access

Leuphana promotes Open Access publishing by covering publication fees for Leuphana authors. For this purpose, agreements and institutional memberships have been concluded with various publishers and institutions.

Open Access publishing at Leuphana

Members of Leuphana also have access to the research information system Pure as a repository for the second release of publications (green way). To access the research information system, please register with the research service to receive a personal user account. Information on registration and working aids for checking and managing your own entries can be found here.

On the university publication server OPUS you can publish your thesis, electronic dissertation or habilitation quickly and free of charge.


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