Open Access

How Does Open Access Work?

Green Path

The “green path” is an open access strategy in which a scholarly work is self-archived immediately or sometime after journal publication as a digital copy in an institutional or disciplinary open access repository (document server) and made accessible to the general public.

At the Leuphana researchers have the option to self-archive full texts (the green path) using the Pure research database or the university document server (OPUS). When adding a publication to the university bibliography in Pure, you will be given the option of also self-archiving the publication through a link to the SHERPA/RoMEO service.

The Golden Path

The “Golden Path” of Open Access means the first publication of scientific articles in a medium operating under an Open Access business model. Good practice is a process of quality assurance (Peer Review or Editorial Review) as well as an Open Access license for publications, which gives specific user rights to the authors. In the Open Access business model, the author/scholar is charged for publishing the article (author fee, author processing charge). Some funders support the Golden Path. The Leuphana Research Service advises researchers on possibilities of getting additional third-party funding for original Open Access publications.  

Open Access and Pure: Tips & Advice

The Pure research database is available to researchers at the Leuphana as a repository for secondary publication of scholarly works (green path). Here are a few answers to some basic questions about Pure and open access as well as links to the FAQs in the Leuphana Intranet:

  • Where/how can I upload a document? You can add any number of documents to an entry in the categories “publications”, “activities”, and “projects” … more
  • How and where will my publications be made accessible? Publication entries in the research database are searchable in the research catalogue on the Leuphana website. You can also deposit full texts to the publication references in the database … more
  • Am I taking a personal risk when I upload a document in Pure? Most – at least recent – documents (texts but also audio and image documents etc.) are protected under copyright law. The ownership of this copyright can only be determined on a case-to-case basis. If however you take reasonable care when uploading documents in Pure, then you are not taking any special personal risk … more

Find further questions and answers on Open Access and Pure in the FAQs.

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