Research Department - Team

Currently, the best way to reach us on the phone is by using the following numbers:
Anke Zerm: +49.176.42052421
Stefan Friedrich: +49.4131.677-1447
Susanne Hinck: +49.176.42089666 (Tue-Fri)
Michael Reif: +49.4131.677-1842 (Tue-Fri)
Kerstin Vollmer: +49.176.43653361 (Mon-Thu, 10am-3pm)
Binh Long Duong: +49.4131.677-1454
Katharina Graßmay: +49.159.04695364 (Mon-Thu)
Elissa Dietrichs: +49.4131.677-1499

Head of Unit

  • Dipl.-Oec. Anke Zerm
  • Coaching
  • Advanced Training
  • Monitoring of Evaluations and Selection Processes
  • Research Reporting

Research Officer, Deputy Head

  • Dr. Stefan Friedrich

Support in the application and implementation of research projects
Main consulting areas:

  • Fundraising
  • National Research Programmes (DFG, various foundations)
  • Leuphana's Small Research Grants

EU Adviser

  • Dr. Susanne Hinck
  • EU research programmes
  • International research programmes

National Research Funding

  • Kerstin Vollmer
  • project funding
  • advice and sssistance in the application process
  • project management support
  • focus on national funding programmes (BMBF, Nds. MWK)
  • research sabbaticals

Research Information Officer

  • Dipl. jur. Binh Long Duong (LL.M)
  • project development for IT services for research
  • research reporting (CRIS/PURE)

Research Communication

  • Dr. Katharina Graßmay

Office Management

  • Elissa Dietrichs

Contact Persons for Research - University Board

Vice President for Research and Humanities

  • Prof. Dr. Erich Hörl

Research Officer at the University Board

  • Dr. Jutta Grünberg-Bochard