Startup Camp 2024

23. Feb - 25. Feb

From idea to business model in just one weekend!

At the startup camp, participants deal intensively with the various components of knowledge-based business ideas. Their own ideas are put to the test and developed into a mature business model. By using canvas models, rapid prototyping and the analysis of various risk scenarios, the planned offer is concretized, the target group is specified and the revenue model is checked for feasibility and scalability. This creates a solid basis for the company.

In a camp atmosphere, the participants receive useful startup knowledge, concretize their startup idea and benefit from the exchange of experiences with other young entrepreneurs. The seminar offers concrete information on the most important questions and problems relating to startups, an examination of one's own startup personality and numerous individual advisory services. In this campus atmosphere, participants receive comprehensive support for their startup projects.

Registration is required.


Friday, 23.02.2024

  • What is business model development?
  • Getting to know your own target groups and markets
  • Reviewing your own business idea

Saturday, 24.02.2024

  • Further development of your own business model
  • Basic knowledge of law and taxes
  • Key factor entrepreneurial personality
  • Getting money: financing and funding

Sunday, 25.02.2024

  • Refining your own business idea
  • Pitching your own business idea


Henrik Hopp-Piepho 
Hamburg Innovation GmbH

Nils Neumann 
Hamburg Innovation GmbH

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Schulte 
Lehrstuhl Gründungsmanagement Leuphana Universität Lüneburg

Tatjana Timoschenko 
Hamburg Innovation GmbH / beyourpilot

Tae Hee Felicitas Mehlan 
Shell Deutschland

Maximilian Wagenknecht 
Lehrstuhl Gründungsmanagement Leuphana Universität Lüneburg

Prof. Dr. Christian Warneke 
Professur für Personalpsychologie HAW Hamburg


Leuphana Universität Lüneburg
Transformations::Räume (C25.019 u. C25.021)
Universitätsallee 1
21335 Lüneburg

The event is organized as part of the Startup Port.



100 Euro plus VAT. 
(incl. meals and accommodation)


Leuphana students can have this course recognized with 5 CP in their Master's and Bachelor's degree.
Students from other universities in the Startup Port network should clarify this with their examination offices or student advisors.


  • Nicole Plaas
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