Incubator Start-Up “Hausmarke.TV” establishes itself

Lüneburg. They already have had the Chancellor in front of their camera and filmed a spot for Coca-Cola. However, their specialization is in online-videos for small and medium-sized companies in the Lüneburg region. Since its founding in April 2013, Björn Ahrend and Christoph Lindemann have produced over thirty films for over twenty customers with their start-up “Hausmarke.TV film productions.” This young business developed out of Leuphana University Lüneburg’s Innovation-Incubator.
The business idea for Hausmarke.TV: advances in digital technology have made high quality film production cost effective. Plus the Internet has become a reliable distribution channel, available to everyone. What once only large firms could afford in the form of expensive TV and movie advertisements with high coverage waist, has meanwhile become possible for businesses of every size - a necessity even for them to stay competitive.  The Lüneburg region lacked a specialized service provider that produced tailor-made films, the company founders said. This gap in the market was filled by Hausmarke.TV - and with considerable success. Their products range from journalistically designed image films, documentation of events, and presentations of products to video-supported recruitment of new employees.

Videos can efficiently distribute a company’s image. They help build trust, attract and keep customers, and ultimately increase sales. According to Lindemann, their clients score high points with new target groups that use professionally produced digital media: “Today people are used to watching films on their Smartphones at any time or place. They prefer to have things explained to them through a short video rather than by having to read lots of text.” Ahrend and Lindemann call their approach “documentary advertising.” They combine journalistic methods with marketing goals.

“We always film authentically on site and work with employees instead of using actors who recite memorized texts,” says Ahrend. Therefore, a professional presentation is crucial. Self-made videos with hand-held cameras are counterproductive for a company’s image. On-line videos have a future, because the pressure to innovate in marketing is growing - above all for small and medium-sized companies. Classical advertisements work less and less. Messages can be communicated in a lasting manner through suspenseful stories, so-called story telling. The customers’ media habits, as a multichannel user, need to be taken seriously. An authentic presentation increases the believability of a business’s message and the entertainment value makes sure that the user will identify with a brand. 

The two Hausmarke.TV founders are well prepared for their assignments: Björn Ahrend is an experienced journalist. He initially wrote for several daily newspapers, then as a university student switched his orientation toward learning about television. His internship at NDR (North German Radio) in the areas of television, radio, and Internet provided him with one of the most reputable educations in the field. The 31 year-old has remained true to Leuphana: as a format developer at the Centre for Digital Cultures and with a teaching position in video-journalism. His partner Christoph Lindemann is a trained graphic designer, who studied in Denmark at the European Film College. He is responsible for all the technology and editing at Hausmarke.TV, while Ahrend develops concepts and directs productions.

Twelve years ago Ahrend arrived in Lüneburg to study applied cultural studies.  Lindemann’s work took him to Ilmenau. With their start-up, both men are in many respects an example of the Innovations-Incubator’s successful business development in the region: strengthening local businesses and attracting smart people to settle in the area are declared objectives of the EU’s large-scale project.