Leuphana has once again been designated as the best university for start-up companies

Berlin/Lüneburg For the second year in a row, Leuphana University of Lüneburg has reached the top position among German universities that encourage start-up companies. This is the conclusion of a report, “Start-Up Radar 2013,” just released by the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft. No other medium sized university has demonstrated greater success in the many different aspects of start-up company development, the Stifterverband concluded. As in the previous year, Leuphana was ranked the best start-up university among medium-sized institutions with between 5,001 and 15,000 students. The Stifterverband emphasized the integration of start-up concerns into the university’s structure, as well Leuphana’s above average engagement in increasing awareness about start-up firms, supporting them, and actively creating them. Examples of Leuphana’s commitment are the on-going inclusion of entrepreneurship as a topic in the annual Opening Week for first-semester students, the Leuphana Enterprise Academy, which is an innovative opportunity for students interested in starting up a company to earn qualifications, as well as the Leuphana Conference on Entrepreneurship which brings researchers, entrepreneurs, investors, practitioners, and students together for a productive conversation.

In the past year, a total of 39 curricular and 40 extracurricular events were organized at Leuphana to increase student awareness about and training for potential start-ups. Indeed, Leuphana can claim a total of 52 newly founded companies in the year 2013—more than any other university in Germany. “We are very pleased by the renewed recognition from the Stifterverband. It confirms the on-going success of our activities in the field of start-up development,” said Sascha Spoun, the university’s President. “We consider entrepreneurship to be a key skill for the 21st century, which is why the continued development of our lively start-up culture will be a central task in the coming years.”

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