New Master's Program in the financial sector

Will there be enough workplaces in the finance industry despite the global financial market crisis? What kind of studies and area of specialization is helpful if you want to work in a bank or an insurance company? What do students expect from such a study program? These questions have been examined by Leuphana University of Lüneburg by carrying out a needs analysis for a new master’s program in the financial sector. The interviews held with personnel managers at 19 banks, insurance companies, financial service providers, and consulting firms did not confirm the doubts that students holding a degree in Banking & Finance would have difficulties finding a job. Instead, there is a constantly high demand of qualified personnel.

Master’s graduates will be offered a wide range of career opportunities, ranging from positions in the field of investment banking and corporate banking to the function of an underwriter working for a direct insurer or reinsurer to managerial positions in the area of financial management and risk management in corporate headquarters. Similar positions will open up also in larger management consulting firms as well as in consulting-related fields within large auditing companies.

As regards the content of the new master’s program, the majority of the personnel managers interviewed indicated that they wished to provide students with a rather broad education focusing on business economics and complemented by economics and business law. It is very important for us that applicants have not only received a profound theoretical education, but also gained lots of practical experience in the banking sector during their studies, says Maria Puentes Puertas, Head of Personnel Recruitment at NORD/LB.

The results of an online survey carried out among 100 bachelor’s students interested in the field of finance gave an insight into the students’ preferences in terms of study programs and employment opportunities. Two thirds of those questioned consider topics in financial management to be highly important for a consecutive program of financial studies, and half of those interviewed wished to have a program of study particularly focusing on banking issues. Overall, the survey results show that students have a strong interest in interdisciplinary programs of study, in practice-oriented co-operations as well as in acquiring leadership skills and in studies with an international focus.

The survey results have confirmed Leuphana in its intention of offering a new major in Management & Financial Institutions within the scope of the Management & Entrepreneurship master’s program at the beginning of the next winter semester. The new major is designed to prepare students for employment in banking and insurance as well as in corporate finance. It is geared toward preparing them for managerial functions or positions that provide strategic support to corporate management. This major is marked by practical relevance and aims at providing specialized knowledge and leadership skills.

The new program of study will be incorporated into the program of the Leuphana Graduate School established in 2008. The Graduate School stands out by its transdisciplinarity, its international focus, and its strong focus on competency. Students work on their own research projects in their chosen field of specialization. In addition, they gain a systematic insight into other academic disciplines.

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