Students give advice to prospective students

Lüneburg. Alina, Fabian and Elsa are quite busy these days, because the application deadline for the next winter semester is July 15, and the students applying for admission still have a lot of questions. The three students from Leuphana University of Lüneburg belong to a group of 17 mentors who help prospective students find their way to study at Leuphana. They all commit themselves to voluntary work in the “Studis gefragt” initiative.

What does studying at university actually mean? What subjects are interesting to students? And how do they finance their studies? Before starting university studies, prospective students have a lot of questions. The new initiative called “Studis gefragt” is offered at Leuphana University of Lüneburg and gives prospective students and applicants the opportunity to speak directly to current and former students from Leuphana University before the application deadline expires on July 15.

The new service has been developed in collaboration with the Alumni Association, the Supporting Society, the Student Counselling Service and the initiative. Interested students can contact Leuphana mentors via the Internet platform at, where current students and graduates from all disciplines offered at Leuphana introduce themselves and the range of information they provide. This way interested students can contact the mentors directly and ask them about what they want to know. The Internet platform provides a new way of interacting and exchanging information. It serves as a supplement to the services provided by Leuphana’s Student Counselling Service and Central Info Portal.

All mentors voluntarily commit themselves to the project in order to support prospective students in familiarizing themselves with the University and its programs. The mentors provide first-hand information, talk about their experiences and give reliable information. They will not only be asked about university issues; prospective students also want to know about life in Lüneburg, leisure time programs or the best way of finding accommodation.

The new service receives substantial support from the initiative. The objective of this organization is to encourage school students from a non-academic family background to study. As is widely known, educational opportunities are strongly influenced by social origin. This may be due to financial reasons or even lack of information. The website of the above initiative therefore provides information on applying for admission, career prospects, financing of studies, studying abroad, internships, and other topics.