Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria


The earthquakes in Turkey and Syria have killed, injured or left thousands homeless; destroyed homes, roads and infrastructure; brought loss and suffering to a region comparable in size to Germany. We are shocked by the images and reports reaching us from the region.

Many students, teachers and employees of Leuphana University Lüneburg are also affected - either because they come from the region themselves or because they have family and friends in the affected regions. Our deepest sympathy, help and solidarity go out to them.

The people in the affected regions - like so many people in other regions of the world hit by disasters or wars - urgently need support. If you would like to help with monetary donations, you can contact the major aid organisations, for example Aktion Deutschland hilft.

The International Office has already made university members of Leuphana who come from the affected regions in Turkey and Syria aware of support opportunities. If you are affected yourself, please feel free to contact our International Office directly with a request for advice.

The President's Office would also like to ask the examination boards and Student Services to offer students from the affected regions the most accommodating solutions possible for problems that may arise due to the current psychological and physical stress situation during the examination period that begins next week.

Our thoughts are with the victims and those affected by the earthquake disaster.