Podcast: "Auditors help exert sustainable influence on companies"

2023-02-27 What opportunities do auditors have to exert a sustainable and ecologically relevant influence on companies through their work?Podcast: "Auditors help exert sustainable influence on companies"

Auditors advise and audit companies on financial matters. That's how most people imagine the profession. But business administration professor Patrick Velte and consultant Viola Möller also see an opportunity here for auditing to have an impact on society: by driving forward the sustainability transformation of companies.

How this task can be tackled, how clients can benefit from it, and how future generations of auditors can be prepared for this change - these are the topics the two discuss in the current episode of the MEZZANIN podcast.

Das Cover der aktuellen Episode zeigte eine Beratungssituation unter Berücksichtigung der Sustainable Development Goals ©Scott Graham/ Unsplash (bearbeitet)
Making an impact on society with auditing.


  • Prof. Dr. Patrick Velte