Certificate for managers on the topic of transformation

2023-12-07 New cooperation between Leuphana and dfv media group

Lüneburg/Frankfurt a. M. Leuphana University Lüneburg has become an academic education partner of the GREEN.WORKS Academy of the dfv media group. The aim of the collaboration is to promote the green transformation in medium-sized companies. To this end, the partners are launching the "ESG Professional" certificate course, an in-service training program that starts in April 2024.

In nine days, the course will provide managers with the basic knowledge they need to transform their companies and departments. After passing an exam, participants can earn the "ESG Professional" certificate. The start of the course will take place in person at the Leuphana Professional School in Lüneburg, with the other events taking place online. There are 25 places per session.

The new program is led by Professor Dr. Stefan Schaltegger from Leuphana's Centre for Sustainability Management (CSM).