Professional School launches project to combat skills shortage

2024-04-25 Lüneburg. The Leuphana Professional School wants to support foreign specialists with a degree in social work or social pedagogy in their integration into the German labor market. The innovative project "Integration of Social Work" (InteSA) is being funded by the German Academic Exchange Service for four years with up to 635,000 euros.

InteSA offers foreign professionals a staged and supervised process for state recognition as a social worker in Germany. In close cooperation with the International Center and the Institute for Social Work and Social Pedagogy at Leuphana University Lüneburg, the aim is to provide individual advice, specialist training courses and personal support to ensure rapid integration.

"InteSA offers foreign skilled workers tailored, academically sound support to pave their way into the German labor market," explains project manager Maria Schloßstein. Networking events and exchanges with practice partners are designed to ensure that participants are not only professionally but also practically prepared for their professional future in Germany and find employment that matches their qualifications.

"With the InteSA project, we want to make our contribution to bringing foreign skilled workers into the German labor market according to their qualifications," says Leuphana Vice President Prof. Dr. Jörg Philipp Terhechte. "Thanks in particular to the cooperation with the International Center, which has a great deal of expertise in questions relating to arriving in Germany, and thanks to the support of the members of the Institute of Social Work and Social Pedagogy, we can make an attractive offer to the target group."

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