Award for young researcher Zina Kallien

2024-05-15 Lüneburg/Berlin. Dr.-Ing. Zina Kallien from the Institute for Production Technology and Systems at Leuphana University Lüneburg and the Institute for Material and Process Design at the Helmholtz Centre Hereon has now been awarded the Helmholtz Doctoral Prize. The materials researcher is thus one of 11 chosen from a total of almost 9,000 doctoral students conducting research at Helmholtz centers throughout Germany. Every year, Helmholtz honors the best and most original doctoral theses with the doctoral prize.

Award Kallien ©David Marschalsky
Award winner Zina Kallien and Otmar D. Wiestler, Helmholtz-President Credit: David Marschalsky

Zina Kallien investigated friction-based manufacturing technologies as part of her doctorate at the Helmholtz Center Hereon. She focused in particular on friction cladding - a process that shows potential for coatings and additive manufacturing. The simple structure, the low energy input required and, last but not least, the homogeneous properties of the built-up structures with high strength impressively confirm the potential of the principle compared to many other (fusion-based) processes.

For the researcher, it is important that modern manufacturing processes are considered with regard to the environment and sustainability and meet the corresponding requirements: "It is necessary to gain a comprehensive understanding of green technologies in order to exploit their potential and establish them in the long term."

Dr.-Ing. Zina Kallien wrote her doctoral thesis within the Hereon Solid State Materials Processing department. Her supervisor was Prof. Dr. Benjamin Klusemann. He represents the subject area Materials Mechanics at Leuphana and is also a member of the Institute for Production Technology and Systems.

The prize was awarded on April 29, 2024 at the Helmholtz Association office in Berlin. It is endowed with prize money of 5,000 euros as well as a travel and material allowance of up to 2,000 euros per month for a stay abroad at an international research institution of up to six months.