Competence Tandems

Competence tandems are research-based projects that aim to boost economic development. Scholars and scientists from Leuphana are collaborating with regional enterprises to bring new business ideas to the market within a period of up to three years. This way problems arising in practice can be solved in a manner that is geared towards implementation and that allows to exploit them economically.

With up to 14 different competence tandem projects, a high potential for innovation will be built up within the Lüneburg region. Approximately 120 additional national and international top researchers will be working in Lüneburg for a period of up to three years. The economic potentials will be realized by establishing new start-up companies or by collaborating with existing regional small and medium-sized enterprises (SME).

Focusing on specific subject areas enhances the efficiency and sustainability of the competence tandems. The objective is to develop specific competences in the region by pooling resources. Close collaboration between science and business allows to create new permanent jobs in the region in innovative industries.