In Search of Media Book Series

The book series “In Search of Media,” takes on the task of describing and imagining the terms – the limits, the conditions, the periods, the relations, the phrases – of media. Moving beyond an explication of key words, it examines the very condition that has fostered this proliferation of terms, namely search. Search – as technology and activity – has become our most default mode of knowledge production. Through search we now acquire, tag, and track knowledge and are tagged and tracked in turn – yet it is strangely unquestioned. With this series, we wish to speak to this situation by applying that moment of search to our own field of knowledge.

The individual books couple two authors who present their perspectives on one similar topic. In the first run of the series, speakers of the twin conference Terms of Media, one held in 2015 in Lüneburg, the other at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island are featured. Thus, the book series as a whole also brings together two different yet increasingly intersecting traditions of media analysis: German Medienwissenschaft and Anglo-based media studies. Medienwissenschaft, specifically media theory and media archaeology, is gaining momentum within the United States, for its intense engagement with technology and history nicely supplements and confronts Anglo-based analyses of subjectivity and spectatorship. At the same time, German media theory is undergoing a “post-Kittler” moment, in which it is searching for and open to new methodologies, entering into dialogue with Anglo media Studies and the social sciences. To foster this cross-fertilization and overcome the standard two standard decade gap that plagues trans-linguistic knowledge exchange, each book in the series thus brings together two scholars, who engage similar topics, in different manners.

The series is published through meson press, the innovative publishing house developed by the Hybrid Publishing Lab of the Centre for Digital Cultures.