Td Summer School 2020

Due to the current global COVID-19 crisis, the Td Summer School 2020 has to be postponed. As soon as it is possible to plan new dates, they will be communicated here.

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Td Summer School

Transdisciplinary Research at the Science | Society Interface

This year the Td Summer School is hosted by Azerbaijan University. It will be realized from June 14-20, 2020 in Baku, Azerbaijan in cooperation with Leuphana University (Germany), the University of Technology Sydney (Australia) and the Global Alliance for Inter- and Transdisciplinary Research and Education (ITD Alliance).

The Td Summer School 2020 offers a 5-day intensive Td Training  Module on transdisciplinary research and practice that will prepare researchers and practitioners for transformative research on societal challenges at the science | society  interface. Participants will gain input on theoretical and methodological foundations as well as experience in designing and implementing transdisciplinary research processes. The aim is to broaden academic researchers’ disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives towards a transdisciplinary approach and to enable practitioners to elaborate their roles. This year a particular focus is on the challenges of, its forms, its achievement and its resistances in terms of disciplinary, institutional and political hegemonies. An optional weekend program on Saturday, 20 June 2020 will be organized.

The Td Summer School 2020 is connected to the ‘International Conference on Knowledge and Being: Different Cultures and Different Traditions’, held at Azerbaijan University from June 12-13, 2020.

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Td Summer School 2020

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Td Training Module

Throughout the five day Td Training Module we will provide insights into historical, political and theoretical foundations of transdisciplinary re­search that have emerged in different communities and world regions and create a space to gain prac­tical experiences in designing trans­disciplinary research processes. We will explore different methodologies and frameworks, principles and design elements of transdisciplinary research and get an overview of methods for collaborative, transdisciplinary research. Over the last two days of the module, we will elaborate transdisciplinary case study designs in small groups. The case study de­signs will be developed in 20 steps that will gui­de you from the framing of a problem to the develop­ment of implementation strategies of results.

It is our overall objective to create strong links to your fields of activities. Therefore we will jointly select the cases ba­sed on sug­gestions from the participants. A case could be a problem field that your current research or professional activity is related to, and which you want to further develop towards a transdisciplinary approach. Alternatively, it could be an is­sue that you are planning to work on in the future. By jointly developing the transdisciplinary case study de­sign, you will have the chance to apply principles, design elements and me­thods that will be introduced during the first days of the Td Training Module. Working together in groups with scien­tists and practitioners will allow you to experience the different perspectives on cases in transdisciplinary research processes and to discuss diverse roles, tasks and responsibilities of involved persons.

Participants will be issued a certificate for an equivalent of 3 ECTS on request.


Participation fee for the Td Summer School 2020 is 300 €. The fee covers:

  • Tuition
  • Opening evening event
  • Snacks and coffee during the sessions
  • Farewell Dinner 

The weekend program on June, 20, 2020, will generate some extra costs. Registration is possible until the opening evening of the Td Summer School.

Due to limitation of participants, we ask you to send us your CV, motivation and an outline of your current activities/research until March 30, 2020 to

Deadline: March 30, 2020

Confirmation: April 15, 2020

Registration fee: April 30, 2020

Participants interested in joining the ‘International Conference on Knowledge and Being’ (June, 12-14, 2020) will find more information here: The conference fee is 150 Euros.


Payment is to be made by bank transfer.

Financial Support

The organizers cannot offer full scholarships but can support some participants from Caucasus Countries (Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Georgia, Iran, Russian Federation, Turkey) and low income countries by providing fee-waivers. In order to apply for a fee-waiver, please include the request in your motivational letter. We will also support you in finding economic accommodation.

Key Dates

Opening Event: 
June 14, 2020 (starting in the evening)

Td Training Module:
June 14-19, 2020

Optional Weekend Program:
June 20, 2020

Optional International Conference on Knowledge and Being:

June 12-13, 2020


The Td Summer School will take place at Azerbaijan University in Baku, Azerbaijan.


Paul Gibbs, Azerbaijan University, Azerbaijan: Professor and Advisor to the Rector

Dena Fam, University of Technology Sydney, Institute for Sustainable Futures, Australia: Associate Professor and Research Director

Ulli Vilsmaier, Leuphana University, Institute of Philosophy and Sciences of Art and Methodology Center, Germany: Associate Professor

Kate Maguire, Middlesex University London, Faculty of Professional and Social Sciences, Great Britain: Associate Professor and Head of Transdisciplinary Research Degrees

Yusif Gasimov, Azerbaijan University, Azerbaijan: Vice Rector

Bakhtiyar Badalov, Azerbaijan University, Azerbaijan: International Director

Emil Jabrayilov, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Geography, Azerbaijan: Scientific Researcher

Juliana Merçon, Universidad Veracruzana, Instituto de Investigaciones en Educación and Nodo de Transdisciplina de Red Temática de Socioecosistemas y Stustentabilidad de CONACyT, Mexico: Professor in the Area Territory, Community, Learning and Collective Action (online)

Loni Hensler, National Autonomous University of Mexico and Nodo de Transdisciplina de Red Temática de Socioecosistemas y Stustentabilidad de CONACyT, Mexico: PhD candidate and Coordinator (online) 



Apl. Prof. Dr. Ulli Vilsmaier

Leuphana University Lüneburg
Methodology Center
Universitätsallee 1, C40.523
21335 Lüneburg, Germany

Fon +49.4131.677-2295


If you have questions or need more information and advice please contact: 


For information and advice concerning Baku/ Azerbaijan or the International Conference on Knowledge and Being please contact the local convener

Prof. Dr. Paul Gibbs:


For recommendations of hotels, hostels and appartments please visit the Azerbaijan University web-page:

The Azerbaijan Experience

Our colleagues at Azerbaijan University have provided first insights to Azerbaijan and the capital, Baku, where the Td Summer School 2020 takes place. See: