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Environmental Geography: Society-Environment Interactions at the Coast (Vorlesung)

Dozent/in: Cormac Walsh

wöchentlich | Freitag | 10:15 - 11:45 | 18.10.2021 - 04.02.2022 | C 14.204 Seminarraum

Inhalt: The coast is a space of interaction between societal and environmental systems. It may be understood as a natural space, shaped by the wind and the waves, a biodiverse space where marine and terrestrial ecosystems come together and have adapted to intertidal conditions. Coasts are, however, also social and cultural spaces, given particular meanings by generations of coastal and island communities as well as summer visitors. The North Sea coast is marked by a long history of struggle against the wild and unpredictable nature of the sea. Coastal lands have been lost to the sea in catastrophic storm floods, to be reclaimed by later generations and protected through extensive systems of dikes. Only in recent decades has shift occurred towards valuing and protecting the nature of the sea and coast from the negative impacts of human society. In this seminar, students will learn the fundamentals of environmental geography, focussing on the coast as a space of interaction between societal and environmental systems. In the first part of the course, students will be introduced to core spatial concepts such as space, place and landscape and ways of understanding nature-society relations. This will provide a basis for an integrated perspective on the coast. The second half of the course will focus on diverse approaches to managing society-environment interactions at the coast, from dike-based coastal protection and dune management to climate adaptation and working with nature.