Course Schedule


Constitutional Theory and Law (Seminar)

Dozent/in: Valérie Vanessa Suhr

Einzeltermin | Do, 26.10.2023, 18:15 - Do, 26.10.2023, 19:45 | Online-Veranstaltung | online via Zoom
Einzeltermin | Sa, 18.11.2023, 09:00 - Sa, 18.11.2023, 18:00 | C 14.204 Seminarraum
Einzeltermin | So, 19.11.2023, 09:00 - So, 19.11.2023, 18:00 | C 14.204 Seminarraum
Einzeltermin | So, 26.11.2023, 09:00 - So, 26.11.2023, 13:00 | Online-Veranstaltung | online via Zoom

Inhalt: This lecture is designed to teach the students about German Constitutional Theory and German Constitutional Law. The focus is on the Law of State Organization. At the beginning, the history and the structure of the Basic Law – the German constitution – will be discussed. It is also explained how the Basic Law is to be interpreted. Moreover, the norm hierarchy will be discussed ­– meaning that the Basic Law is generally at the top of the hierarchy of legal sources in Germany. Moreover, the structures and principles of the Federal Republic of Germany, such as democracy and the rule of law, are discussed in detail. They refer primarily to Article 20 of the Basic Law: “The Federal Republic of Germany is a democratic and social federal state.” Here, also the 2006 Federalism reform, which gave more rights to the Länder, will be discussed. Because of the importance of European Union Law, the - not always conflict-free - interaction of (German) constitutional law and European Union Law will also be explained. Finally, current challenges of state organization law will be critically discussed.