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Veranstaltungen von Berta Martín-López


Kolloquium Sozial-ökologische Forschung (Kolloquium)

Dozent/in: David Abson, Joern Fischer, Jan Hanspach, Jacqueline Loos, Berta Martín-López, Maraja Riechers

wöchentlich | Donnerstag | 13:00 - 14:00 | 18.10.2021 - 04.02.2022 | Online-Veranstaltung | Raum C11.301; Zoom-Meetings

Inhalt: Das Kolloquium wird inhaltlich verschiedene Methoden, Ansätze und Ergebnisse sozial-ökologischer Forschung behandeln und unterschiedliche Formate anbieten: Studierende präsentieren ihre Forschungsvorhaben und/ oder Ergebnisse, die dann mit den Betreuuenden und anderen Forschern diskutiert werden können

Methods of Environmental Sciences (Vorlesung)

Dozent/in: David Abson, Jelena Bäumler, Jacob Hörisch, Daniel J. Lang, Jacqueline Loos, Berta Martín-López, Julius Rathgens, Vicky Temperton, Henrik von Wehrden

wöchentlich | Donnerstag | 14:15 - 15:45 | 18.10.2021 - 04.02.2022 | C HS 4 (Umbau HS-Gang bis 30.09.22) S. Kommentar

Inhalt: The module conveys basic knowledge and practical research examples through which the diversity of methods available in environmental & sustainability science is exemplified and contextualized. The module presents an overview of approaches to obtain, analyse and interpret data within science, and embeds these into a broader ontological framework. While the focus is generally on how methods can aid and enable the production of knowledge, a connection to the history of science, including the origin and development of each specific method is part of the lecture.

Ecological restoration for sustainability (Seminar)

Dozent/in: Milena Groß, Berta Martín-López, Vicky Temperton

wöchentlich | Freitag | 10:15 - 11:45 | 18.10.2021 - 04.02.2022 | C 11.117
Einzeltermin | Fr, 17.12.2021, 12:00 - Fr, 17.12.2021, 13:45 | C 11.117
Einzeltermin | Fr, 14.01.2022, 12:00 - Fr, 14.01.2022, 13:45 | C 11.117
Einzeltermin | Fr, 04.02.2022, 10:15 - Fr, 04.02.2022, 13:15 | C HS 1 (Umbau HS-Gang bis 30.09.22) S. Kommentar

Inhalt: With the increasing human pressure on ecosystems and cultural landscapes, one of the main challenges is to design and develop ecological restoration that supports the preservation of biodiversity, ecosystem services and livelihoods security. A central theme here is to integrate the ecological dimension with the socio-cultural dimension in order to create sustainable landscapes and equitable societies. Therefore, restoration does not only focus on ecological functions and biodiversity, but also on human communities, their knowledge and values. Indeed, restoration requires of society as agents of sustainable transformations. During the seminar in the second module we will examine how we can restore nature, how we can engage different social actors and how we can measure the impacts of restoration strategies on human wellbeing and biodiversity.

Basics of Inter- and Transdisciplinarity - lecture (Vorlesung)

Dozent/in: Berta Martín-López, Jasmine Pearson

wöchentlich | Freitag | 08:15 - 09:45 | 25.10.2021 - 04.02.2022 | C 9.102

Inhalt: Qualitative, semi-quantitative and quantitative methods for knowledge integration and identifying, framing and solving (sustainability) problems: Stakeholder analysis, future scenarios and backcasting, assessment approaches, integrative approaches of problem transformation and solving, methods for designig and implementating collaborative processes (both transdisciplinary research approaches and approaches for supporting societal negotiation processes).

Environmental Sciences - an Introduction (Vorlesung)

Dozent/in: Berta Martín-López, Vicky Temperton

Einzeltermin | Mi, 20.10.2021, 08:15 - Mi, 20.10.2021, 09:45 | C HS 1 (Umbau HS-Gang bis 30.09.22) S. Kommentar
wöchentlich | Mittwoch | 08:15 - 09:45 | 27.10.2021 - 04.02.2022 | C HS 1 (Umbau HS-Gang bis 30.09.22) S. Kommentar

Inhalt: First part: key scientific background necessary to work in environmental sciences; second part: social-science components of environmental sciences, including value systems and governance.

Environmental Sciences - an Introduction. Humanities seminar (for GESS) (Seminar)

Dozent/in: Aymara Victoria Llanque Zonta, Berta Martín-López

14-täglich | Mittwoch | 12:15 - 13:45 | 27.10.2021 - 04.02.2022 | C 3.120

Inhalt: The main content includes: • Conceptualization of paradigms of value-systems with practical exercises • Identification of relevant stakeholders and institutions for environmental decision-making • The importance of social relationships in environmental governance • Social conflicts and the role of deliberation The knowledge in seminars is constructed through role-play teaching method that allows students to understand social-ecological dynamics and to assimilate the contents learned in lectures by facing realistic situations and environmental problems