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Veranstaltungen von Prof. Dr. Sylvia Haider


Biodiversity - an introduction (Vorlesung/Seminar)

Dozent/in: Sylvia Haider

wöchentlich | Montag | 12:15 - 15:45 | 16.10.2023 - 02.02.2024 | C 13.120 Labor

Inhalt: Biodiversity is a core element of sustainable ecosystems. To protect biodiversity, it is crucial to understand the drivers of biodiversity and the consequences of its loss. We will address the scientific basis of biodiversity research, including the topics: how to measure and quantify biodiversity at different scales; how biodiversity affects ecosystem processes and ecosystem stability; which factors favor biodiversity and which factors are threats to biodiversity; native vs non-native biodiversity; local and global patterns of biodiversity. These topics will be introduced in the lecture and deepened with presentations and discussions about selected scientific publications and case studies.

What is biodiversity and why does it matter? (Seminar)

Dozent/in: Sylvia Haider

wöchentlich | Dienstag | 10:15 - 11:45 | 16.10.2023 - 02.02.2024 | C 14.204 Seminarraum

Inhalt: Biodiversity plays a pivotal role in maintaining the health and stability of our planet's ecosystems. It encompasses the variety of species, genes, and ecosystems, all of which interact in complex ways to provide essential services to humanity. Main topics in biodiversity research are the effects of biodiversity on ecosystem processes, the consequences of biodiversity decline on ecosystems and the biotic and abiotic drivers of biodiversity. In this seminar will explore methods on research design and the presentation of research results from different perspectives.