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Introduction to Spatial analysis in GIS (Seminar)

Dozent/in: Simon Thomsen

wöchentlich | Montag | 14:15 - 17:45 | 04.04.2022 - 23.05.2022 | W 130a Edulab
wöchentlich | Montag | 14:15 - 17:45 | 04.04.2022 - 23.05.2022 | W 130b Edulab

Inhalt: Sustainability challenges often require analysis and knowledge of spatial data like land-use or patterns and networks of infrastructure. GIS tools offer both mapping and data analysis options and are widely used in science and application. In this course, you will get to know ArcGIS, a commercial software used in both in science and the private secctor. The seminar adresses the theoretical background of GIS and spatial data as well as its practical application in the software. Following topics will covered: -Coordinate systems, projections and basics of cartography -Geoprocessing with vector data in a multi-criteria analysis -Geoprocessing of raster data -Statistics and regressions in a spatial context