„Organizing creativity and attention“

26.05.2019 „Be creative!“ – European Summer Academy, Berlin

Berlin, 26.–31. Mai 2019

In an economy in which “creativity is the new form of capital”, creativity as innovation involves the constant production of the new—of the next new thing on the market, new experiences, new lifestyles, etc. This intense call for the new pushes attention to its limit and turns it into a scarce resource.

This course explores modes of organizing creativity and attention. The ‘creative’ and ‘restless’ city of Berlin will act as a research site for group projects in which five different universities and business schools participate. Lecturers from the fields of business and management, philosophy, psychology, and performance studies, will critically and creatively engage with students to explore how creativity and attention are organized in today’s economy and experiment with ways of intervening into this.

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