Einreichungsfrist für Doctoral Seminar: The Microfoundations of Entrepreneurship

27. Feb


May 22-26, 2017 in Raleigh, North Carolina


This week-long intensive entrepreneurship doctoral seminar is offered by the Poole College of Management and the NC State Entrepreneurship Clinic. This seminar will focus on the Clinical Model of Entrepreneurship Research and will explore the microfoundations of entrepreneurship. Students will be admitted based upon their application materials, research interests, and fit with the seminar focus. A maximum of 40 students will be admitted. Students will be expected to read academic journal articles and prepare discussion questions and notes prior to the intensive seminar. This seminar is intended to count towards the credit hours required for degrees at the Ph.D. level. As such, the course will meet the contact hours and scholarly requirements to qualify as a 3-hour doctoral level course.


The seminar will begin at 8:00am on Monday, May 22nd continuing until approximately 5:00pm on Friday, May 26th.This year’s program includes content focused on theory and research related to the microfoundations of entrepreneurship (e.g., affect, cognition, behavior of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial teams). Also, content within the seminar will be focused on the methods and analytic techniques available to help students position and publish their research studies in top tier journals in their respective fields (e.g., experimental design, repeated measures methods, best practices for avoiding questionable research practices). Each day will include two “content” sessions (3 hours each) as well as two hours of networking and research time—it is our goal that each student who attends have at least one research idea at the end of the seminar that can be pursued going forward. There will be speakers at lunches and dinners to enrich the experience and provide networking opportunities for students. 


Jon Carr – Jenkins Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship at NC State University; Associate Editor, Family Business Review

Keith Hmieleski – Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Robert and Edith Schumacher Faculty Fellow at Texas Christian University; Associate Editor, Strategic Entrepreneur<wbr />ship Journal

Jeff McMullen – Dale M. Coleman Chair in Management and Professor of Entrepreneurship at Indiana University; Incoming Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Business Venturing

Jeff Pollack – Assistant Professor at NC State University  


Students’ applications should include the following:

  1. A two page research statement that summarizes interests as they relate to the seminar focus;
  2. A one page description of a working paper that broadly fits the seminar focus and is currently in preparation;
  3. A current CV (including the names and contact information of 2 academic references).

Note: No money is due at time of application. The organization team of the seminar will begin reviewing applications immediately and will do so until February 27th, 2017. Please apply early as we have a limited number of spaces. 


The cost to attend the seminar is $750.00 (USD). This does not include airfare or lodging. Breakfasts, lunches, and two dinners during the seminar will be provided. We have lodging arranged that ranges in price from $36 (USD)/night – $125 (USD)/night. Once accepted into the seminar, we will work with you on travel-related logistics.


For more information about the seminar, please contact:

Jon Carr (jon.carr@ncsu.edu) or Jeff Pollack (jmpolla3@ncsu.edu)