Number of Applications to Leuphana continues to rise

Almost seven applications for every available opening Comprehensive application procedure improves opportunities

Lüneburg. Leuphana University of Lüneburg’s educational model continues to be attractive: the number of student applications for next Winter semester has remained at last year’s record level, even though there is no double Abitur class graduating this year to bolster demand. According to the university’s enrollment service, more than 10,000 applicants registered with the university for about 1,500 student openings in the College’s first semester. All Leuphana’s Bachelor degree programs have restricted admissions. In a specially developed admissions procedure, all applicants have the opportunity to present their abilities and experiences in order to improve their chances for a coveted university opening.

The highest absolute number of applications were in three degree programs: business administration (1,702), business psychology (1,504), and cultural arts and media (1,212). With almost 18 applicants for each of its 83 openings, business psychology was the most sought after major. The number of applicants for the “Individual Studies” Bachelor program, in which students compose their own major, continued to increase. That the newly created digital media major received nine applications for every opening was an especially promising sign. Leuphana is particularly well positioned in digital media through its DFG-sponsored research group, various competence tandems that are part of the EU-Innovation Incubator, and especially the support of the VolkswagenStiftung. The major also includes cooperative programs with the Hamburg Media School and the City University in Hong Kong.

University President, Prof. Dr. Sascha Spoun was not surprised by the high demand for openings at the university: “We know from the multiple applications at all universities that high numbers are to be expected. Already in the past, we have had an above average number of applicants who have chosen Leuphana because of our special educational model and who have then gone on to accept the opportunity to study here.

Leuphana already started using new procedures for selecting its students years ago. In a special admissions process, university openings are awarded not just on the basis of Abitur transcripts. Factors that can also help the applicant include: special experiences, abilities and skills such as music, sports, foreign languages, community service, and volunteer social work. In addition, a written admissions test helps even out differences between and within individual schools and disciplines, while also demonstrating the applicants’ ability to meet the educational requirements of the College. Applicants have the opportunity to explain their motivations for studying in admissions interviews, and to join the conversation between faculty, students and alumni.