MEZZANIN Podcast: „A missing piece of the puzzle at Leuphana!“

2023-02-10 There is a transformation making itself felt right in the middle of the Leuphana campus,

Dr. Theres Konrad and Dr. Annette Schöneck, together with numerous fellow campaigners, are creating a space that combines new teaching-learning spaces and student innovation spaces in the former storefront on the university campus. By redesigning rooms in a central location, the Transformations::Räume, new exchange and networking opportunities for innovation enthusiasts, have been created since the winter semester 2022/23.  

In the rooms, teaching and learning situations are created that overthrow the classic standard seating in frontally aligned rows of seats and are instead oriented to the needs of the users for creative work. The focus is on participation. The rooms are intended to be an example of how all participants can shape learning and innovation processes together.

Our guests talk about why this is so important and how exactly it is implemented in the new episode of the MEZZANIN podcast - available on the MEZZANIN blog as well as on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Deezer.

Die Transformations::Räume entstehen im Zentrum des Campus, in der ehemaligen Ladenzeile. ©Leuphana/ MarTiem Fotografie
The Transformations::rooms are being created in the center of the campus, in the former store row.


  • Dr. Nicolas Meier
  • Dr. Annette Schöneck